Why do cyberbullies indulge in cyberbullying? (infographic)

We were sent this infographic but also wanted to point you in the direction of catching the Channel 4 programme Cyberbully that was on recently. Please do watch it, young or old it will make you think about how you use the internet.

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The ultimate guide to swapping out luxury ingredients (+ infographic)

There’s a time when we all fancy treating ourselves and what better way is there than making ourselves a luxury meal from a gourmet recipe, but just because we’re treating ourselves doesn’t mean we still can’t be a little bit frugal.

The following infographic from QuickQuid looks at how we can swap out those pricey ingredients for something, well, a little less pricey. So, the recipe asks for vanilla beans? Swap them for vanilla extract. You will get the same aroma and a very similar flavour but you’ll also be spending half the amount you would if you were buying the beans. Read the rest of this entry

Chappie Official UK Trailer #1 (2015) HD

3 Useful And Actionable Tips For Dealing With Itchy Skin

Whether you’ve come down with a bad case of chicken pox (thanks to your 8-year-old, who imported it from his classroom), you developed a nasty rash after wearing overly tight fitting clothes on a ski trip, or you’re suffering from an unusually aggressive case of winter eczema, you want to avoid itching your skin. You want not only to prevent spreading the skin condition and bleeding but also to eliminate the annoying distractions, so you can concentrate more on important matters. To that end, here are 3 tips for getting fast (and smart) relief from an itch.

  • Get an appropriate diagnosis, particularly if your skin condition is unusual or unique.

Obviously, if you’re dealing with a simple mosquito bite — or a problem that you and your doctor have noticed and tracked for years, like chronic eczema — you don’t immediately need to rush out and call the doctor. But if you’re at all uncertain about what’s causing the itch, err on the safe side.

The proper diagnosis should lead to proper treatment. For instance, if you’ve got a bacterial infection that’s causing the issue, an antibiotic might be useful. Conversely, if you’re just dealing with an irritation due to a bug or spider bite — or a rash caused by tight, wet clothes — over-the-counter ointment should be appropriate. Proper diagnosis can also prevent you from doing dumb or dangerous things that will have no effect or which could make the situation worse. Read the rest of this entry

Hotel Or Apartment In Cannes? What’s Best…?

Anyone that is heading to Cannes is virtually assured of having a great time. The city in the French Riviera is an ideal destination, and if you are looking for one of the most glamourous locations on earth, you are heading to the right place. Is it easy to see that the International Film festival colours the impression that many people have of the city, but even when the film festival and Hollywood actors and actresses are not in town; Cannes has a strong touch of glamour and elegant style about it.

This means that no matter what time of year you attend, you are in for a treat. There is a very enjoyable climate in this part of France, so even if you travel in winter, you can be confident that the weather in Cannes is likely to be far more attractive than what it is where you are now. The fact that Cannes is a stunning resort at all times of year means that it doesn’t matter when you go, in fact, the biggest decision you will likely have to make when it comes to Cannes is whether you stay in a hotel or an apartment. Read the rest of this entry

Will E-Cigs Help Me Quit Smoking?

As a new year has started, many of you will have no doubt put ‘quit smoking’ back on the New Year’s Resolution list once again. Whether it’s your first time trying to give up smoking or you have had several unsuccessful attempts in the past, this is one resolution that is truly hard to uphold. Why? Because as we all know, smoking is highly addictive. But with electronic cigarettes becoming ever more popular in the UK, could these devices help you quit smoking once and for all? Let’s take a look.

How to Give Up Tobacco

When making the decision to quit smoking, there are several methods of achieving your goal. Some people choose to go cold turkey, giving up tobacco and nicotine entirely straight away, whilst there are smoking cessation aids on the market to help people gradually wean themselves off instead. E-cigarettes are the latest addition to tobacco alternatives that allow users to get the same experience of smoking and the nicotine dose they crave, without consuming the 4000 chemicals that come with tobacco. Read the rest of this entry

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