Black Mass Official Film Trailer (Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch)

We Are Your Friends (official film trailer)

Legend official trailer (Tom Hardy)

Sicario Official Trailer

What does your car say about you?

A new infographic from car dealers Motorparks has looked to dismiss the many stereotypes that exist about drivers of specific car brands in the motoring world.

The visual uses information gathered from YouGov Profiler, Google Trends and search volume on the Motorparks website to get to the bottom of questions like:

• What is the most popular demographic for the UK’s top car manufacturers?

• Where are they likely to shop?

• How would they describe themselves?

• What is their profession?

• What do they like to get up to in their spare time?

• Where are the hotspots across the UK for the best-selling car manufacturers?

Take a look at the infographic and see if you or someone you know agree with the traits and characteristics identified… Read the rest of this entry

A guide to downsizing your home (including infographic) 

Downsizing can be a sensible and positive move for many homeowners. As well as freeing those with larger properties from the responsibilities of high monthly outgoings and extensive upkeep, it can also release equity.
What’s more, the process of finding a new home and making it your own represents a great opportunity to start afresh and even discover a new part of the world. Here are four main points to consider if you’re thinking about making the move:

1. Doing your research

Because downsizing is a big decision, it’s important to look at your finances both in terms of the price of your future home and the profit you’re likely to make on your current property. While opting for a smaller place should earn you a healthy lump sum, there are a couple of things to bear inmind when you come to sell such as estate agent fees, conveyancing and stamp duty which can all be costly so factor them in early on to avoid unexpected outgoings. Read the rest of this entry

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