Let’s get serious: Condoms for Christmas

So, Christmas is coming, and this period of the year is often the occasion for families to get together. That’s the moment you’re most likely to spend some time with relatives you don’t see that much, everyone is (supposed to be) in a good spirit, it’s a time of rejoice and never mind if, like usual, you spent so much money giving a hand to Santa Claus. Now, here’s a present that you may not have in mind, that doesn’t cost much, and that can be more than useful: condoms. Of course, you’re not going to pack condoms and put them under the Christmas tree, but think about it for a second: there’s nothing much you can do to stop global warming in the next few days, you probably won’t be able to find a radical solution against economic crisis, and you have a very tiny chance to discover a new treatment against brain cancer. Yet you can do something something to protect your own family from teenage pregnancy, AIDS and sexually transmitted infections. And please keep in mind that it doesn’t only happen to others. Though the first problem seemed to have decreased during the last few years (at least in the UK), it’s a real shame that, every year, so many people get infected by AIDS: we all know how to stop the epidemic, and yet, we didn’t managed to erase it. Read the rest of this entry

Crossy road iOS app


Crossy Road is an iOS game and it was developed by the indie company Hipster Whale. I’ve been heavily addicted to this app for about two weeks but the obsession has got more in the past couple of days.

The idea is to get as far as possible across the roads, rivers, grass and train tracks without getting squashed by traffic or drowning in the river. You can play as different characters that you can unlock whilst playing, there are in-app purchases to get these characters sooner. To play you must swipe the screen in the corresponding direction to move the mascot or tap to go forward. There will be many obstacles, such as rivers, trees, boulders, cars, and trains. To get past these obstacles the player must go past them at the appropriate moment and path to ensure survival or to use other objects to get across rivers such as logs and lily pads. An eagle will come fly up and snatch you if you stay in the same place too long or move too far back, resulting in a game over. Every square unit moved forward will earn a point.

You’ll get your score which can easily be shared onto social media. It’s a very competitive game and very addictive. Just watch out for those trains…

An astrological travel guide (+ #infographic)

Our infographic explores what your star sign could tell you about your ideal travel destination. It maps out the cities and countries that best match your temperament and personality, and it could lead you to discover an out of this world holiday that has been written in the stars for you since time immemorial.

So, where in the world could the stars be leading you? An ideal holiday needs to be somewhere in a location that allows you to feel instantly at home, that offers activities that suit your interests and provides you with the chance to bond with friends new and old. Read the rest of this entry

Label Design: Prepping For Your Easter Product Packaging

easter packaging

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s definitely not too early to start thinking about Easter. It’s a great time for creative labels and packaging, with eggs, toys and other seasonal treats filling the shelves. So how can you prepare to make your Easter product packaging stand out from the crowd? There’s a lot to think about, including colour, shape and all those other little finishing touches. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide that will help your product fly off of the shelves this Easter!

Think about colours

When we think of Easter, we think of bright, fun colours. Spring has just sprung, the sun is just starting to come out again and we’re ready to leave the dull winter behind. The shelves are awash with soft yellow, greens, pinks and blues. These colours are popular with children and are ideal for treats for the younger part of the population. For adults, the colour scheme can afford to be a little more grown up. You’ll notice that a lot of the luxury brands employ a deeper, richer palate – such as the Easter eggs by Gobino, with their stained glass window-esque boxes. A custom printed label is a great way to bring that all important pop of colour to your product, especially now as manufacturers are under pressure to cut down on the amount of packaging that they use. So whether your product is aimed at adults or children, the choice of colour for your label can massively influence the choice potential customers make. Read the rest of this entry

Sonata of the Sun Part II

For Part I: http://www.dailywaffle.co.uk/2014/11/sonata-sun-part/

Adagio’s geography was one with many twists and turns: from swamps to tundras and dark forests to beautiful lakes, everything was there. Nocturne would surely visit many more locations with his beloved lute. As he neared the edges of Chroma, he saw something peculiar in the distance: a pack of wild Gandrez. Gandrez were elephant like creatures with extremely short tusks made out of a combination of wood, ivory and gold. As such, they were always heavily hunted, almost extinct and the only kingdom where they lived in relative safety was Adagio.

But what was going on? The pack seemed to be running from something. Nocturne drew closer and noticed they were not hunted by people…But what then? What could drive these magnificent animals so wild?
‘We must hurry, before he catches up!’
‘But he’s one of our most beloved elders, we should help him!’
‘He’s done for, we’ve done everything we could possibly do for him..’
Nocturne approached one of the Gandrez:
‘What is going on here? What are you running from?’

The female Gandrez, calling herself Clementine, spoke to Nocturne:
‘Ahh, a human with a lute, maybe you can help us!
You see, for days our Gandrez elder was plagued by shifting dreams: one day he would wake up and rise, leading us in confidence and happiness, the other day he would be moody and depressed.
The thing with us Gandrez is that if after a certain time these dreams aren’t processed properly, we become…whatever takes over at the time.’ Read the rest of this entry

This year has flown by

I feel so old calling this blog the above title, sorry! But this year has really flown by, how can it be the 2nd of December already?

Doesn’t seem possible that we will soon be in 2015… in my mind we’ve only just got to 2014!

When I get into the last month of the year it’s a mix of excitement about Christmas but also saying goodbye to the year also. I absolutely love Christmas, no matter what age I am I always love it. With most of my Christmas shopping done now it feels like I am prepared. I’m not one for those late panic shoppers! Read the rest of this entry

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