Your Desk Is Killing You: 5 Healthy Desk Alternatives to Try

For many people, their job entails sitting at a desk for more than eight hours daily, five days a week. Several studies say that long-term sitting can have a deadly impact on your health. According to the New York Times, a research study found that men who sat for more than six hours per day had a 20 percent higher death rate than men who sat for less than three hours.

There isn’t much debate that sitting for many hours each day is detrimental to your health; there’s too much research to suggest otherwise. Bad posture is even bad for your teeth – it can lead to TMJ. Of course, many employees have mandatory tasks to complete where sitting is the most convenient, whether it’s responding to emails or compiling data reports. Sitting may seem impossible to overcome, but there are some savvy alternatives that can be good for your body and brain.


As one of the more popular adjustable-height desks on the market, GeekDesk improves health and productivity through its ability to store preset heights. It allows you to either stand up while replying to emails or sit down (albeit with the best posture for you). Read the rest of this entry

5 Curries That Britain Loves

It might surprise you to know that the first curry house in Britain actually opened its doors in 1809. The British have had a longer love affair with spices than we’d think! In the 1940s, curry houses started popping up and staying open late to catch the post-pub trade, starting our habit of having late night curries. However, it wasn’t until the 1970s, with the influx of Bangladeshis to the UK, that curry became truly embedded in our culture and adopted as a national dish. As part of National Curry Week, we’ll look at five of the best-loved curries below, their history and which cuts of meat go best with each one.

1. Chicken Korma for those who can’t handle the heat

A Chicken Korma is the go-to dish for those of us who can’t handle the heat. It’s usually a mild, sweet and creamy sauce, flavoured with cashews, almonds, coconut and spices like cardamom. As with most curries we enjoy in Britain, the link to their origins is tenuous as recipes have been adapted to suit our palate, but its roots are in the North of India. In the South, a Korma tends to feature a tomato-based gravy and is typically quite hot. Read the rest of this entry

7 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Business Phone System



For most businesses the phone is a vital tool. It’s therefore vital to choose the right business phone system for both now and for the future. That’s why businesses of all sizes are increasingly turning to a hosted phone solution, rather than a traditional system. Read the rest of this entry

DIY: Home Greening Options

eco house


Going green is perhaps the best investment anyone can make, especially if they want their home to be a smaller polluter, and if you want to spend less money on bills so that you can enjoy other things in life.

Moreover, not every green project needs a lot of investment; some however will need some of your time and effort to make it happen. DIY green home solutions are also a good way to find out how you can further upgrade your home to be greener and how you can lower your carbon footprint.

Programmable thermostats

Although you might think this is unnecessary, and that you are perfectly capable of monitoring your heating or cooling system on your own, but it is a small investment and it can save you a lot of money in the long run. The system is easy to install, and it will ensure that your heating or cooling system does not go overboard and that you have an optima temperature in your home at all times. Read the rest of this entry

Sustainable living with organic juices

organic juices

Organic juice is made of natural produce with minimal interference of humankind. Fresh organic can help to increase overall health. All the fruits and vegetables are naturally produced in this juicing without using any scientific method. Organic juicing can be beneficial as well as harmful for life, if done without following the proper instructions or juicing guide.

Why organic juices?

Achieving better health through nutrition is becoming very important as more and more of the baby boomer generation hits their senior years. Many realize that by working on their health in their younger years they will not only experience more energy and well-being, but will also live a longer and more fulfilling life. Read the rest of this entry

Building Relationships With Twitter

Social media is often used as a scapegoat for existing problems within our relationships, both personal and professional. There are plenty of articles and studies that have been conducted to dissect the many ways our Twitter account can interfere with our lives. From examining our productivity levels at work, to how often we are distracted at home. What these studies fail to highlight is that the problems are already there. If it weren’t our Twitter accounts it would probably be another distraction in the form of a magazine, video games or household chores.

In fact, Twitter, and other social platforms have created a new way in which we can stay connected to the people around us more efficiently. If used correctly it can be beneficial for both our personal and professional life.

Insight To Existing Relationships

Twitter is like a modern day diary for most people. If used correctly and if you don’t overstep your boundaries, you will be provided with an insight to your friends, colleagues and children’s life. Being connected to your peers online can help with understanding what they are going through, as sometimes they would prefer to express online rather then have a personal discussion about it. Read the rest of this entry

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