Thrifty Grocery Shopping Tips – Eat Well For Less [Infographic]

How can you save more money on your groceries? It’s easy to get sucked in by the 2 for 1s, discounts, 50% extra frees not to mention the pretty displays that stores use to get those items in your basket.
If you are smarter about the way you shop, and put some thought in you can save a lot of money, eat healthier and waste less food.
Food waste is a big problem in the UK, we waste an equivalent of £600 worth of food per household, per year. That’s a staggering amount of food, and money, being destined for landfill. You can change that though. By meal planning, sticking to your list and only buying what you need you’ll be able to help the environment and your bank balance.

Top Fitness Gadgets for Sportsmen

With soaring high prize money and enormous pride associated with winning a sporting event, sportsmen from all across the globe are constantly pushing the limits in a surge to be at the pinnacle. They have to be physically fit and agile as a leopard and mentally tough as a rock to counter the elevated level of aggressiveness and beat the competition. For achieving this feat, they have to rely a great deal on modern technology to constantly monitor their fitness in day to day activities. Companies like Sony, Nike and Intel are coming up with a host of gadgets that can help sportsmen reach the epitome of fitness by keeping track of their daily activities ranging from distance run, calories burned to sleep patterns. Most of these gadgets are wearable with a very small form factor and can get easily connected to all major mobile platforms to depict the data. We take a look at some of the best fitness gadgets in the market today for sportsmen.

Garmin Vivosmart Activity Tracker: This lightweight wearable bracelet provides users with a plethora of information coupled with an impressive battery life. Some of the details that it can display on the face of its OLED screen includes distance travelled, steps taken, calories burned and sleep time. It also offers users some other useful information like notifications about incoming calls, texts and emails. The device can also be paired with a heart and bicycle sensor to show details about heart rate and bike speed. All in all, the device comes across as a solid performer in every respect which makes it one of the best fitness gadgets that money can buy. Read the rest of this entry

Green, Green Garden: Make it even more Eco-friendly

eco livingMost people today, live in a world that has been stripped of the very things that are the most essential for survival of every living being, the very notions of nature and being natural. Although the nature itself is nearly impossible to destroy, it has been in the last century, severely suppressed. With all the chemicals, pesticides and similar toxins, man has polluted the earth and with it all the nature’s most beautiful and most precious gifts to mankind. However the battle for Mother Earth is far from over.

This massive and decisive battle is something that is happening on nearly all level and it is a battle in which both king and pawn will yet have their roles to play. What this means is that while it is true that there are many industrial giants on whose new regulations and ecological declarations much depends, it is up to every individual to start this change in his or hers very own way and thus create a crucial change necessary for mother earth to survive. One does not have to go very far to introduce these radical eco-friendly changes in their lifestyle, they can start in their very own garden. Read the rest of this entry

What has the Internet of Things got to do with local search marketing?

The Internet of Things has begun to break into the mainstream imagination. Just picture a world where all devices, smartphones, tablets, cars, refrigerators, thermostats and music players can share their data freely thanks to the Internet.

It looks like 2015 will be the year the Internet of Things stops being geek and becomes everyday speak.

With such immense possibilities of control over the environment, and such Big Data efficiencies to be gained, why on earth should I focus on local search marketing and the Internet of Things? Well, I’m sorry, but it’s what I know. And I promise it’s quite exciting. Read the rest of this entry

Sometimes We Earn Our Oscars

"I should've won for the Sound of Music..."

“I should’ve won for the Sound of Music…”

Thomas Edison once wrote ‘genius is 99% perspiration and 1 % inspiration’ which may not be technically mathematically accurate but we all get the point. You can’t just be talented, you’ve also got to put the effort in, something that’s lost on most of the England football team. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does believe in Edison’s theory and they’ve often showed it with their choice of Oscar winner. Yes, there’s been the young whippersnappers like Anna Paquin and Tatum O’Neal but there’s also been the nod to the established star, who’s toiled, made many movies, done their time and deserves a statuette, sometimes more for their career than the film they’re actually nominated in.

As Sandra Bullock said collecting her statuette for The Blind Side: “Did I really earn this, or did I just wear you all down?”. A fair question considering Bullock’s acting in the Blind Side was superb, but for many her acceptance speech had a twinge of truth, she was a popular, established star, who’d ‘earned’ her award.

There are exceptions to the rule of course, Richard Burton was nominated six times yet never won an award, surely he’d earned one along the way, while tonight will see Julianne Moore sit applauding the winner with a forced smile for the fifth time should she fail to win- personally I think she actually will. Why? Because she’s earned it. Read the rest of this entry

45 Essential Kitchen Tools Appliances infographic

Do you love to cook? Maybe you’ve just moved moved home? Here’s a 45 piece essential kit for your kitchen. All the tools you need in one handy infographic. Yay! Read the rest of this entry

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