In The Heart Of The Sea (official trailer)

Jumping Kids are Healthy Kids: 3 Benefits of Jumping

​Kids love to jump. Be it a bed, playground, or any other location, you will see them rebounding. That’s why they remain fit and worry-free all the time. There are many benefits of jumping, and it is understood that physical activity is important at this nourishing age. What’s better than giving your children the perfect space to bounce? A trampoline park is all that you are thinking right now. All that your kid does there is flying high and landing soft. Let us discuss benefits of jumping, and how trampolines help you shape up your kids’ physique: Read the rest of this entry

Star Wars – The Force Awakens TV Spot (trailer)

Favourite app of the week – IWANTODO App (@iwantodo)

For this new series looking at loads of new and useful apps we start with Patrick Ncho and

  • Category for your app: Travel, Tourism, Travel Activities
  • Platforms for your app: Is coming on iPhone and Android 

iWantodo, a free travel app that will let you discover personalized recommendations on vacation activities, top attractions and tours based on what you’d love to do and your own active lifestyle. Faster. Easier. will make your travel planning easier and getting a break from your day-to-day a lot more personal, relaxing.

The best Travel apps should make travel planning faster, help create personal memories. iWantodo, a free Tours & activities app to let you discover personalized recommendations on attractions, vacation activities and tours based on based on their own preferences. Read the rest of this entry

Captain America – Civil War (World trailer)

Top Five Super Heroes of Wrestling

The term WWE brings up many different images of a plethora of super heroes from throughout the history of wrestling industry. From the scenario of old WWF to the current WWE, only a few superstars could reach to legendary and iconic status and will never be forgotten. These are those special ones who revolutionized the industry and laid the foundation for future generations of the wrestling business, raised the bar by offering unique and unsurpassed skills. Some may have had a brief stay in the spotlight whilst others have mesmerized the audiences for a decade or more but here you will find top five super heroes of wrestling who showed off their extreme mastering and have left permanent marks in the hearts of fans.

Hulk Hogan- The superstar is the one who is the role model for new wrestlers and is overlooked by modern wrestling fans but his influence on the professional wrestling industry is immeasurable. Hulk Hogan was the one to really deliver unique, engaging and spellbinding matches to captivate the audience. Spewing catchphrases, dropping legs and pointing fingers, ripping t-shirt, he was a larger than life megastar. He was the one who made wrestling a phenomenon of pop culture that’s why he is enlisted as one of great icons of wrestling world. Read the rest of this entry

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