Five Natural Ways to Boost Your Health

Many things in life can be bought, replaced or changed. This however, does not include your health. There’s a well-known saying that a healthy person has many wishes and a sick person only has one. Health and wellbeing is one of the important aspects in life, yet so many of us fail to acknowledge it until we get sick. Fortunately, there are many simple things you can do to effectively boost your health without too much hassle. Some of those things can involve changes in lifestyle, but they are more than worth it in the long run.

Exercise on a daily basis and get active

Performing simple exercises regularly can lead to a drastic change in the quality of life. Whether it’s a simple 30 minute walk or a 20 minute run per day, it significantly increases your chances of staying healthier for a longer period of time, strengthens your immune system, and reduces the risk of diabetes, obesity, cancer and many more. Read the rest of this entry

Are Internet Bought Teeth Whitening Kits Safe?

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular, over the past few years. There is an array of products on the market and even in the high street that claim to help you to achieve that much-desired Hollywood smile.

You can even head to your local salon now for teeth whitening treatments. Voucher sites are rife with discounted treatments and kits are available to buy, so that you can do your own teeth whitening.

There aren’t many people that can brag a natural sparkling brilliant white smile. Salon treatments can be very expensive, especially if several sessions are required to achieve the colour that you would like. So, it is little wonder that people are resorting to the internet for DIY kits that they can get stuck into at home.

A quick search on Google brings up tens of kits that promise to whiten your teeth by several shades in a short amount of time. These kits are appealing for several reasons including their availability, the reasonably cheap price tag and the Hollywood smile that it promises.


Do we really know what is in these kits? Many of these DIY kits require users to apply bleach to their teeth. This can be problematic, if not applied evenly, causing patches and an uneven colour finish.


As an at-home user of one of these kits, it is impossible for you to test the acidity of the bleach in these products. Once a product is applied, should be found to be too abrasive, it can be impossible to reverse the damage, if tooth enamel has been stripped away.


Increasingly, dentists are faced with patients who have been using kits bought over the internet and advising them on use after the event. Patients complain of tummy upsets from accidentally swallowing the paste, white spots and other problems.


There is nothing that dentists can physically do to stop people from using DIY teeth whitening kits but they can warn you of the effects that they can have, if not used sparingly and with caution.


Why should I go to my dentist for teeth whitening?

Aside from the obvious fact that dentists are qualified to whiten teeth, they also have access to knowledge and tools that will ensure that your teeth are taken good care of.


DIY teeth whitening kits are not able to look into your dental records, assess your individual dental needs or determine whether using the kit is right for you. Before your dentist conducts any teeth whitening procedure, they will carry out an assessment. That way, if there is any reason you should not proceed, they are able to tell you in good time, before you spend any money or cause any irreversible damage to teeth.


Maybe you have already used one of these kits, don’t despair. If you suspect that they caused any damage or want to make sure that they didn’t, make an appointment for a check up. Should you wish to go ahead with teeth whitening in your area, also get booked in with Bhandal Dental. Everything that we use has been tested and approved by your experts, so that you can go ahead with confidence and peace of mind.

About the Author:

David has a keen interest in dental surgery, teeth whitening and also deals with Bhandal Dental. His posts on the subject help and inform people of the benefits of visiting a dental clinic.

Learning to drive around the world

Most new drivers find the licensing process to be a challenge, whether they live in the London suburbs or the outskirts of Sydney. Who really does have it tougher? If you were choosing another place to start your journey to a driver’s licence, where might you find it easier to get your hands on one? In the English-speaking world, you may have to travel to South Dakota, U.S.A., and you probably don’t want to head to Australia. Can you handle a different language? Well, even so, easier alternatives to the UK are limited.


For Brits, the closest alternative is France. This probably will not be your first choice when you learn what they require. French provisional licence holders face a long road before they can get their permanent licence. First, they must complete two years of training under parental supervision. They must log 3000km in driving time, and they are subject to tougher speed limits. Can you imagine anything more frustrating than keeping it slow on a motorway? Read the rest of this entry

A Single Guy’s Guide to the Amazing Sydney!


Visiting Sydney for any kind of reason should mean that you want to enjoy yourself overall. And it is important to realize that this amazing city has a lot to offer; whether you are looking for a good night out, or if you are looking for a great beach to enjoy the waves and the sun. Furthermore, there are many tours you could partake in to truly explore the beauties Sydney has to offer.

The natural beauties

Although there are many places Sydney offers to check out, the most prominent one is the Harbor, to really enjoy yourself on a lazy day you must simply visit it, as you will be able to see a vibrancy of life and entertainment. You will also be able to take a few cruises around Sydney to see the city from a different angle as well. Read the rest of this entry

Can money buy happiness? (+infographic)

In our money-obsessed world it’s often assumed that the more money you have the happier you’ll be. This may be true, after all, look at the faces of lottery winners and you’ll see that they’re all overtly ecstatic. But the link between happiness and money may not be as simple as it seems.

It’s definitely true that at a base-level money, or at least what money grants you, can prevent sadness. Money allows you to afford food, shelter and clothing; all things that could cause you a great deal of sadness if you were to go without. But in that case it’s not that wealth is making you happy, it’s that the things you can buy with money stop you from being sad.

Research[i] suggests that on average wealthier countries are happier than poorer countries and within individual countries feelings of well-being grow in line with earnings. But it has also been shown that more money doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness and that once you hit £50,000 ($75,000) a year anything above that has little affect on your emotional state[ii]. Read the rest of this entry

9 fruits for glowing skin (infographic)

We all want healthy and glowing skin, here’s an infographic about 9 fruits that can help you achieve that.

From: Read the rest of this entry

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