An Ultimate guide to Mould Removal (Infographic)

Mould problem could be such a hustle. No matter how much do you want your house to look perfect and spotless this pesky problem can easily ruin that dreams. Mould can show up in your home due to various reasons like humidity, leaks and dampness. Worst thing about it is that you can never be sure where to expect it. Not only it can show up on your wall, but also on your clothes and leather shoes. Your hats are not safe also. Who would ever expect one of the problems with your clothes would be mould? Buying a dress number too small, sure. But mould? It has chosen the wrong enemy from the moment it attached your clothes. That calls for a war.

Did you know that it’s not that hard to get rid of mould from your clothes as you might think? There is one thing you will need to start with saving your clothes and that is vinegar. Yes, that is right. Vinegar is the ultimate weapon against mould because it kills 82% of mould species. Just place one cup of vinegar into washing machine drawer along with detergent and wash clothes on hot temperature setting. It is important to do this on a sunny day because you’ll need to hand your clothes to dry in sunlight.  This will kill mould spores. Read the rest of this entry

Why should I invest in a business notebook?


Imagine going to a high-profile business meeting with a person who can offer you new employment options, increase your existing workload or is interested in establishing a joint venture. In short, with a serious entrepreneur whose experience in a particular area of business in invaluable and can greatly help your own company. What if, however, that person arrives at the meeting wearing flip-flops and beach shorts, while you are in a suit? The same disbelief and negative astonishment will be present if you meet a top-notch executive who does not own and use a laptop or a notebook at work. So, in order to avoid this kind of reaction from your own contacts and partners, here are some tips on how to choose a good business-oriented notebook. Read the rest of this entry

What Home Interior Style says about you?

Home interiors and designs, and the way people view them, has changed immeasurably over the last decade.  From family homes to large offices, we are altering our perceptions on what it means to decorate your environment, and in this article we will look at why this is the case, what has fuelled this change and what your home interior style says about you.

Home interiors – where we came from

Home interior style of the past was a pretty formal affair – you would tend to expect the same things in the same places, across most of the homes you’d walk in to in the UK. With growing families after the Second World War, many of which had limited budgets, the ‘make do’ attitude, in many cases, shaped the way our homes were built, decorated and furnished. Read the rest of this entry

7 Ways To Make Your Garden A Tropical Haven All Year Round


When you spend so much time on decorating the rooms inside your home, your garden can sometimes get a little neglected. Just like an interior space, there are many themes and ideas to base the design of your garden around. From a cool urban retreat to a family friendly space full of trees and places to explore – the only limit when designing your garden is your own imagination. One style that never goes out fashion is a sun-drenched tropical inspired look. Here’s seven tips for creating your very own beach paradise!


Plants are a big part of creating that tropical look, so invest wisely. Some potted palm trees are a great place to start, bring beach memories to your garden at little cost or effort. Brightly coloured pots and trailing plants are another way of achieving that Mediterranean holiday look. Read the rest of this entry

Fantastic Four Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015)

Why do cyberbullies indulge in cyberbullying? (infographic)

We were sent this infographic but also wanted to point you in the direction of catching the Channel 4 programme Cyberbully that was on recently. Please do watch it, young or old it will make you think about how you use the internet.

Thanks! Read the rest of this entry

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