Summertime Yoga for Mind, Body and Soul

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Summer has arrived and the outdoors demands your presence.  Listen to the season and connect to your mind, body and soul through yoga.

Here comes the sun and vitamin D that is essential for health and well-being. Forget sitting in the sun, grab the yoga mat and go outside. Yoga not only helps keep the body fit but will aide in replenishing vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is need for strong bones and muscles. There is no better way to build bones and muscles then with yoga. Since your outdoors try The Tree pose not only is it fitting since you’re out in nature but will help stimulate the bones.

As we become older many of us may experience problems with balance such as feeling dizzy or unsteady on our feet. Falls and fall-related injuries such as hip fractures can have an impact on your life especially when you’re older. Try yoga on the beach and notice the difference. Yoga outdoors increases mindfulness so you will feel balanced in any situation or on any surface. Try the Eagle Pose (Garudasana) and improve your balance and coordination. Read the rest of this entry

Social Media Etiquette for Students

These days, students are often using social media – both for educational purposes and personal needs – but it is even better if they know how to use it with respect and etiquette. There are some conventional rules to follow in using the social media sites like Twitter and Facebook fairly. These are the basic things that one should follow when using a social media site.

These rules are the etiquette that everyone should follow. Even the internet and social media usage need to have an etiquette to follow in order to avoid online bullying, conflict of interest or just a bad vibe for your day. Students these days forget the importance of social media and how it can their personal and educational growth. Just because it is your own space online doesn’t mean that you will do anything you want even if it breaks some rule. Students should learn how to use social media wisely so they won’t meet any troubles. Read the rest of this entry

5 Great Careers For Business Administration Students

Do you like being organised and getting your work done efficiently? Love it when things run smoothly but also able to deal with hiccups along the way? If that sounds like you then a career in business administration could be for you.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need good administration staff from secretaries to managers, and one of the best ways to gain the skills you need is by completing a business administration courses.

Business administration courses in London and around the UK are increasingly popular for the grounding they give people in areas such as human resources, conducting meetings and planning workflows. Read the rest of this entry

The Perfect Holiday Cruise – Luxury Gulet Cruises

luxury cruises


Among the truly idyllic and intercontinental tourist destinations is the beautiful country of Turkey which is found near the Mediterranean Sea. The country reflects the influence of both Asia and Europe coastlines. It’s considered as possibly the most beautiful into Mediterranean stretch. Lovely and tranquil coastlines, amazing resorts, stunning beaches dot the remarkable coasts of Turkey, and each and every one of them virtually are great temptation to travellers and tourists. However, the best thing that you can test is the luxury gulet holidays in this enchanting land.

· What’s a gulet?

But first the basics. A Gulet is a traditional Mediterranean ship which was used mostly by traders, and often by fishermen. The traditional boats were designed from wood and their major characteristic was their length. The modern day gulets may come in no way different in shape, but what has changed is that they are now designed more like luxury cruises since they are used as such. The luxury gulet cruises have become a perfect holiday cruise. They are no longer the selection of fishermen and traders. They are now mostly used for luxury cruises for holiday makers out in those beautiful Mediterranean waters.

Read the rest of this entry

Clean the Chimney during Off-Season to Reduce the Risk of Fire

When to clean the chimney? This is a crucial question that haunts all the home owners of Hadlow. While all the guidelines prescribe sweeping the chimney at least once a year, but many homeowners have experienced sudden outbreak of fire even after it is cleaned one time annually. There is no hard and fast rule related to chimney cleaning. A heavy duty chimney may require more than one time cleaning a year. Whether your chimney is in use or not, it has to be in good working order. It is most effective to undertake repairs in the off-season.

Throughout the spring and summer your chimney will not be in use. Sweeping the entire system during this time may be effective. Selecting the best time for chimney cleaning is also an essential step to stay safe. Chimney sweeping is often associated with another crucial question whether to call a sweep or not? While may home repairs are easy enough to do, chimney maintenance is solely a different matter. A professional will no doubt have far better knowledge and improved tools to clean the entire chimney.

What are some of the common repairing needs?

Winter storms can deteriorate your chimney’s overall structure.  After the thawing and freezing, there will be many cracks and the bricks and mortar joints become loose. Early spring is the best time to thoroughly inspect your chimney and repair all these faults. Your chimney sweep will first inspect the various parts of the chimney. Read the rest of this entry

JORD Watches – Telling more than time…


Have you ever had watch envy?

You know when you see someone else wearing a watch you wish you had bought. You casually ask questions about where they got it from and you investigate online ASAP!

Well, I had never heard of JORD watches before but as soon as I went on the site, I got immediate watch envy! I wanted them all – a watch for every day of the week? Haha, maybe.

It was clear from looking through the collection available that the quality was excellent and the designs are simply stunning. I was lucky enough to be sent one to review (review up later this week) and it took me ages to decide on which one to pick. Read the rest of this entry

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