33 ways 3D printing is transforming the world

Industrial Distributor RS Components has conducted some research over the past 12 months to understand what engineers and consumers are most interested in when it comes to technology.  The findings have shown that, during that period, 3D printing dominated online conversations not only in the engineering industry, but also in the medical, science, transportation and fashion sectors.

From this research they have aggregated the most popular, shared stories online to create an interactive and responsive HTML 5 infographic, which not only highlights the latest developments in 3D printing, but also compiles data on how the technology is being used in both professional and domestic environments. Read the rest of this entry

Top 5 Celebrity Men’s Watches and Favorite Brands

Celebrity fashion has a profound influence on the constantly evolving trends that define the public landscape. According to one old Hollywood legend, Clark Gable single-handedly crippled the undershirt business by appearing barechested beneath his sweater in It Happened One Night. The truth of that anecdote is still debated to this day, but one thing is for certain: beloved celebrities have the power to make and break fashion trends, from Jennifer Aniston’s iconic Friends hairstyle to Pharrell’s controversial giant hat (seriously, what was that about?).

But what about watches? We don’t hear as much about them, but they play a massive role in high-fashion trends as well. Consider the following examples. Read the rest of this entry

What does the future hold for Britain’s fashion industry?

Despite the recent economic growth that Britain has enjoyed, the overall behaviour of the world economy remains difficult to predict, with China looking shaky and some sectors behaving erratically. However, one sector that has been enjoying solid growth is fashion, which is particularly strong in the UK, making it a tempting choice for investors. Is it somewhere you should put your money?

The value of fashion

Fashion is the seventh biggest sector in the UK, ahead of furnishings and health, and is worth an estimated £59bn per year. Together with the wider textiles industry, it employs 600,000 people within the country and supports the jobs of thousands more overseas. It’s also important because of the number of jobs it offers to low-skilled workers, home-based workers and people (usually parents or carers) who need flexible hours, so it helps to support a segment of the population with limited opportunities elsewhere. Alongside this, of course, it brings pleasure to millions of consumers. Read the rest of this entry

How Britain’s wealthiest spend their millions

Have you ever thought about what you might do if you won the lottery? What exactly is it that rich people do with their money? Most, in fact, invest it in business, which is how a lot of them become that wealthy in the first place, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the occasional luxury, and these are some of the things they love to splash out on.


Few things make an impression quite like a beautiful car. Bill Gates adores his incredibly rare Porsche 959 Coupe, and Larry Ellison owns a limited edition McLaren F1, which is not only one of the fastest free-roaming land vehicles ever made but also has what every car geek fantasises about: doors that open upwards. Being wealthy can also help with getting access to racetracks and to areas of open desert where you can drive as fast as you like. Read the rest of this entry

Is substance abuse amongst young people a growing concern?

There can be little doubt that the abuse of substances by young people – as well as older people – is of major concern to governments and those organisations tasked with healthcare. There can also be little doubt that substance abuse can be extremely harmful not only to the person who is indulging in a particular drug or drugs, but also to other people who they could affect with violence by accident or design.

Examining the case

Young people will always experiment – it’s what they do when growing up, and experimentation with drugs is part and parcel of this life experience. The majority may try an illegal drug such as marijuana or cocaine and decide it’s not for them. Smoking, sniffing, and injecting (when it comes to seriously hard drugs such as heroin) are rituals that many young people want to explore and, as governments all over the world know, are hard to stop. Read the rest of this entry

Glow Time: Secrets for Glowing Skin


We all want glowing beautiful skin. It makes you look healthier, younger, and more awake. If you want to learn our insider secrets on how to achieve skin that will make everyone ask you how you got your amazing glow then keep reading!

  1. Make sure you moisturize

Keeping your skin moisturized is such a vital step to achieving glowing skin. You should be moisturizing twice a day directly after you have washed your face and applied any serums or treatments to your skin. A lot of people skip out on moisturizer, especially people with oily skin. If you have dry skin you need to moisturizer to make up for the moisture and oil that your skin does not produce but if you have oily skin you need to moisturize in order to balance it out.

There’s a big difference in between glowing skin and oily skin. The latter is not envied. However, skipping on moisturizing oily skin will only increase the amount of oil that your skin produces. If you cleanse your skin with clarifying products and never moisturize this will cause your sebaceous glands to go into overdrive and you could double the amount of oil that they produce. By moisturizing you will achieve a lovely glowing complexion. Read the rest of this entry

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