Macbeth Official Film Trailer (Michael Fassbender) 

Concussion Film Trailer (Will Smith)

How To Design A Website – A Beginners Guide

There are many reasons why hiring a professional website designer is so expensive. This is because not a lot of people know how to design an effective web design. If you cannot afford a web designer but need to have a well-functioning website, following is a proper guide for beginners that can help them achieve their aim with little to no expense.

It is very important to run a website that not only looks professional but is free of errors, mistakes and looks as sophisticated as it should. In order to ensure your business is perceived successfully, a website must be designed after giving it careful consideration. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Unveils Its Virtual Assistant Called “M” Added Within Messenger App


The world’s largest social networking platform, Facebook is the latest member that joins the digital personal assistant space. A space which sets Facebook in competition with the currently giant leaders like Apple, Google and Microsoft. Facebook’s new AI-based assistant “M” is still on its startup mode and is released in Beta to users in San Francisco, attached within Messenger application it uses text message commands unlike its competitors which also use voice commands. The commands form is smartly built-in text because the 700 million people that have installed the Facebook Messenger app use it to communicate with people by tapping out messages. Read the rest of this entry

Find Out The Next Big Thing In TVs

There will always be people looking for a new television set and there will always be people looking to upgrade their TV set. This means that the major electronic companies who sell TVs will always be keen to push the boundaries further and provide new reasons why people should be upgrading the set they have at home. There is a lot that these manufacturers can do when it comes to convincing people to upgrade but ultimately, the content that is shown and available on these TV screens that will be the main driver in convincing people to buy these new sets.

The next big thing in the world of TVs and video formats is 4K. You may already be familiar with 4K but if not, don’t worry, because you will soon not be able to ignore what 4K can offer. You may be more familiar with the title Ultra HD which is the alternative name for 4K and you can see why many people will be paying attention with that sort of title. High Definition has had a huge impact on the way that people watch films and TV shows so you can only imagine how much better people’s lives will be when they are able to watch content in Ultra HD! This will at least be the marketing proposal put forward by the companies who gain to benefit the most from this new style of TV set. Read the rest of this entry

Are You Ready For National Cupcake Week?


The popularity of the stylish cupcake shows no sign of slowing down! This summer there’s a great excuse to eat even more (did you need one?!) National Cupcake Week will hit the UK from 14th – 20th September, meaning that there’s never been a better time to celebrate all things cupcake! Organisers are encouraging connoisseurs to show off their creations on social media and hold cupcake sales to raise money for charity.

National Cupcake Championships

The week will also see the prestigious National Cupcake Championships held. This competition is now in its seventh year and this year’s will be bigger than ever. Competitors can enter six different categories: classic cupcake, made with alcohol, free-from, made with chocolate, seasonal cupcake and cupcake for children. Read the rest of this entry

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