Five Awesome Infographics About Spam

Spam is a somewhat controversial subject; most of us hate it, yet many of us have probably dabbled in it in one form or another, even if we were entirely unaware at the time.

The fact is that spam can be found in nearly every corner of the World Wide Web, from email and search results through to political social profiles and the source of the following information itself: the infographic.

So with this in mind, we’re going to take a look at the what, where and how of cyberspam thanks to the following absolutely awesome infographics.

The Truth About Infographics

The Truth About Infographics

This infographic against infographics is a bit of a head-spinner since despite being an infographic itself it’s making the somewhat libelous statement that all infographics are simply a form of link-bait (or, in the opinion of this infographic, link-spam).

What do we learn?

  • Infographics are a very effective form of link-bait (something that, in essence, isn’t spam).
  • Submitting your infographic to Digg is a great way to help it go viral since it’s highly influential. Plus, links from Digg are all followed (unlike links from many other bookmarking sites).
  • You can turn your infographic into spam simply by hiding some irrelevant keywords and a link to your equally irrelevant site in your coding.

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What is new in outdoor clothing?


Worth over $6.9 billion in the US alone in 2013, outdoor apparel has been one of the success stories of the international clothing industry in recent times. Drawn by the sector’s growing impact on fashion, mainstream brands such as Armani have introduced active styles – body warmers, working boots, fleece tops – into their collections. Meanwhile, specialist brands such as Klättermusen, Páramo and North Face have brought their expertise to bear to stay ahead of the game with new lines of outdoor clothing that bring function and fashion into ever closer harmony.  Read the rest of this entry

Discover the Beauties of Thailand: Koh Samui

Koh Samui 3

Touristic visits to Thailand rapidly grow every year, showing that this is not just another popular destination among many of adventurers, but the proof that this gorgeous country aboundswith various magnificent locations. As a second largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui presents the true natural jewel and touristic oasis placed within west waters of Gulf of Thailand. Although there were times in the past when this floating treasure was mostly unknown, except for avid Thai explorers, huge development of luxury accommodation and attractive resorts turned this exotic island into heaven on the Earth. Some of the greatest beauties of Koh Samui are contained in: Read the rest of this entry

How to get rid of unwanted birds?

In the UK, we like to see ourselves as a nation of animal lovers. There are many species of birds in the UK and most of them do not pose any real problems for people in their day-to-day lives. However there are certain species of birds, namely pigeons and seagulls; that tend to group and nest in places where they are not welcome. 

When these birds group on top of buildings they can cause a range of problems. Firstly their droppings pose a health hazard and can spread disease. They can also clog up drainpipes and generally be an unwanted eyesore. Most people who own a building will not want any types of birds gathering there for these reasons.

When trying to deal with a bird infestation, it’s important to remember that it’s illegal in the UK to kill or cause harm to birds. Therefore you shouldn’t consider any forceful means of getting rid of them since you could end up facing legal action. Instead you should seek out a bird control company that can deal with the problem effectively yet humanely.  Read the rest of this entry

8 Dubai Travel Tips to Get Your Heart’s Desire

Dubai is the heart of business, cultural and tourist life of the Eastern world. From year to year, the city is only gaining in popularity and manages to surprise its visitors with more and more attractions one higher and better than the other!

While Dubai is still among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, articles about its wonders and main features remain topical. In this article, you’ll find some useful tips helping you to get most of your vacation.

When is it better to visit Dubai?

Dubai is among the hottest cities in the world. The average temperature in summer is about 40°C. Such weather might be good for a beach holiday, but if you would like to see various attractions or participate in some excursion programs, it’s better to visit Dubai during the period from October to May. If you come to Dubai in order to fully enjoy all delights of a beach vacation, then August will be more preferable. During this month the water temperature reaches 35°C.

Where to search for tourist information in Dubai?

There are many Tourist Offices throughout Dubai mainly located in large malls, in some parks and entertainment centers. Tourist Offices provide general information about city, its attractions and different events and concerts. Here you can also ask questions which are interesting to you, take maps and brochures with information of the most popular attractions, schedule of public transport, addresses of hotels and shops. Read the rest of this entry

Considerations for New Catering Equipment

Whatever the size of your commercial kitchen, and whatever you offer from it, there will be times and situations where you need to either replace items of equipment or splash out on brand new items. 

Sadly, even with warranties and maintenance nothing will last forever. This is especially true if it’s being used on a daily basis and as your needs as a caterer change, it’s likely that the equipment you need and use will have to change too. 

Therefore, buying new equipment is inevitable.

It is also highly likely that you’ll need to have your kitchen design altered or amended in order to make way for your new item of equipment, and for that you’ll have to consider your catering equipment installation. Read the rest of this entry

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