How Vinyl Records Made Their Comeback (+infographic)

Only a few years ago vinyl records were close to being presumed dead with record-low sales and a rise of digital music being the main culprit. Fast forward to 2015 and we’re back in an age where the vinyl album sales are just as good as when they were in their prime in the early 90s but what happened? Why are vinyl records making a comeback?

Liberty Games seem to be determined to find out as they’ve just released an infographic with their findings on just how well vinyl is doing these days. In the UK, it’s reported that in 2014 physical releases (CDs, vinyl’s, etc.) still made up half of album sales – showing that interest for a physical product is still there.

A similar situation has also happened elsewhere too. In the US, record sales have increased by 52% from 2014 against 2013 and the same time period saw a massive 127% increase in Australia. Read the rest of this entry

Boost Productivity With 10 Important Apps For Android And Iphone

Having an Android phone or an iPhone means you have got the extra benefit of using some apps from which you can benefit eventually. Some of these apps are:


Dropbox is a syncing service for all your data like photos, videos and documents, and this data is stored on the cloud. With Dropbox, it becomes easy for you to view all your files from anywhere and with iPhone you can even view your files when you are on a move. You can even sync all your photos to Dropbox, by enabling mobile data.

Drop Box Download link for Android and iOS


When it comes to Android phones and tablets, they don’t have a good app for word processing, but this is something where Apple has managed to get its work done. It comes with many options to choose in case of formatting, colors and fonts. It even supports iCloud synching so that, you can work effortlessly on the document from any Apple device. Read the rest of this entry

Don’t Mess With The Kids- There’s Only One Winner

James Wilson's girlfriend makes a far more intelligent comment that the haters could manage.

James Wilson’s girlfriend makes a far more intelligent comment than the haters could manage.

There’s an old proverb that the children are the true rulers of the world and the adults are merely keeping it warm for them, okay it may be something a tad more meaningful and poetic than that but you get the gist. If we really want to see an example of why sometimes it’s the youth of today that can show real maturity, wisdom and humour that those of us old enough to remember VCRs and Emmerdale still had a ‘Farm’ attached to it can only dream of we only have to look at the latest shenanigans on social media.

This week rent-a-gob Louise Mensch decided to go toe-to-toe with a seventeen year old over the issue of the #milifandom hashtag on twitter, which was aimed at backing Ed Miliband during the general election.  For those fortunate few of you who have no idea who Mensch is I’ll briefly explain, she was an ally of David Cameron’s and became an MP before quitting and emigrating to New York where she now spends her days arguing with teenagers- or anyone she can find- on twitter. Not so much ‘how the mighty have fallen, more how the ‘significant have descended into near-obscurity.’ Mensch’s harassment of the St Helens teenage student began when she accused the girl of lying about creating the hashtag. Yes, that’s right a former politician who was once close to the Prime Minister of Great Britain now fills her days in one of the truly greatest cities in the world by arguing with teenagers from Merseyside on the creation of hashtags on social media. It would be funny if it wasn’t so f**king tragic. Mensch’s bizarre pursuit of the girl even caused the former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott to wade in, tweeting the Sun about how their columnist – Mensch spouts weekly right-wing drivel for Murdoch’s paper- was bullying a 17 year-old girl. Read the rest of this entry

Five Awesome Infographics About Spam

Spam is a somewhat controversial subject; most of us hate it, yet many of us have probably dabbled in it in one form or another, even if we were entirely unaware at the time.

The fact is that spam can be found in nearly every corner of the World Wide Web, from email and search results through to political social profiles and the source of the following information itself: the infographic.

So with this in mind, we’re going to take a look at the what, where and how of cyberspam thanks to the following absolutely awesome infographics.

The Truth About Infographics

The Truth About Infographics

This infographic against infographics is a bit of a head-spinner since despite being an infographic itself it’s making the somewhat libelous statement that all infographics are simply a form of link-bait (or, in the opinion of this infographic, link-spam).

What do we learn?

  • Infographics are a very effective form of link-bait (something that, in essence, isn’t spam).
  • Submitting your infographic to Digg is a great way to help it go viral since it’s highly influential. Plus, links from Digg are all followed (unlike links from many other bookmarking sites).
  • You can turn your infographic into spam simply by hiding some irrelevant keywords and a link to your equally irrelevant site in your coding.

Read the rest of this entry

What is new in outdoor clothing?


Worth over $6.9 billion in the US alone in 2013, outdoor apparel has been one of the success stories of the international clothing industry in recent times. Drawn by the sector’s growing impact on fashion, mainstream brands such as Armani have introduced active styles – body warmers, working boots, fleece tops – into their collections. Meanwhile, specialist brands such as Klättermusen, Páramo and North Face have brought their expertise to bear to stay ahead of the game with new lines of outdoor clothing that bring function and fashion into ever closer harmony.  Read the rest of this entry

Discover the Beauties of Thailand: Koh Samui

Koh Samui 3

Touristic visits to Thailand rapidly grow every year, showing that this is not just another popular destination among many of adventurers, but the proof that this gorgeous country aboundswith various magnificent locations. As a second largest island in Thailand, Koh Samui presents the true natural jewel and touristic oasis placed within west waters of Gulf of Thailand. Although there were times in the past when this floating treasure was mostly unknown, except for avid Thai explorers, huge development of luxury accommodation and attractive resorts turned this exotic island into heaven on the Earth. Some of the greatest beauties of Koh Samui are contained in: Read the rest of this entry

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