Feeling Sorry For Celia

Life is pretty complicated for Elizabeth Clarry. Her best friend Celia keeps disappearing, her absent father suddenly reappears, and her communication with her mother consists entirely of wacky notes left on the fridge. On top of everything else, because her English teacher wants to rekindle the “Joy of the Envelope,” a Complete and Utter Stranger knows more about Elizabeth than anyone else.

But Elizabeth is on the verge of some major changes. She may lose her best friend, find a wonderful new friend, kiss the sexiest guy alive, and run in a marathon. So much can happen in the time it takes to write a letter…

Feeling Sorry For Celia is a book by Australian author Jaclyn Moriarty, which is the first part of The Ashbury/Brookfield series, in which the books are linked but are not sequels of each other. The other books in this series are Finding Cassie Crazy and Becoming Bindie Mackenzie.

The book is told in letters; between Elizabeth and her new penfriend Christina Kratovac, letters to Elizabeth from various societies, and little notes on the fridge between Elizabeth and her mum.

This is a great book, told brilliantly through letters. Moriarty is able to express a character’s personality completely through what they write.

The book has plenty of twists and shocks, and can be very moving at some parts. It was very hard to set this book down, and I have read it over again so many times. It is a book that will capture you from the start and interest you right from the very first note.

This book was written for young adults, but would be enjoyed by adults as well. There are some matures themes included in the plotline, and some parts would be slightly hard to understand for younger readers.

I loved this book, and would recommend it to anyone who wants a funny, quirky and entertaining read. A perfect book for Summer, Feeling Sorry for Celia is sure to have you longing to have a pen-pal after reading it!

Jaclyn Moriarty

Feeling Sorry for Celia- A bitter-sweet novel of love, letters and lemon souffle.

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