The Wealthy Classes who Refuse Responsibility

It’s increasingly clear that western democracies are being threatened by a minor but powerful class of people. From the stranglehold of the wealthy class backed Republicans to the phone-hacking scandalised and controlled Tory Party elite circle in the UK.  From the shackles by Eurocrat & bankers, on Greek middle and poor classes to the suffering caused to the sick and infirm by the UK Tory government backed firm Atos. From the commodity traders in hedge funds inflating world food prices causing misery for population of poorer countries, to the squeezing of low & middle income earners in UK by, same and also, fuel prices.

A particular section of wealthy classes are increasingly being exposed for their selfish greed and desire for political influence.  The gall of these people around the world, particularly in the West (most prominently in UK & USA) who want austerity, including benefits & public service cuts, for the rest of us, whilst enjoying tax freeze or cuts for themselves.

Various demonstrations of these things have been documented in some of my previous blogs.  It’s unacceptable particularly the fact that it is so insidious and ideologically vindictive against us, who never even caused the disasters like the worldwide financial crises, by many of the wealthy classes’ individuals on the other hand who have been complicity in the disasters as we all know. But they will not accept responsibility. They feel like global royalties and have a sense of entitlement that gives them the belief that we should pay for their mistakes and greed.

The more our population wakes up to this, the weaker their influence will become.  The case of the hackgate scandal in UK is one such watershed moment, as are President Obama’s heartfelt addresses to the American people about the right wing factions in US congress trying to hold them hostage on their economy.

Keep your eyes open, keep informed and at next election we should ensure the likes of the Tory party are marginalised to the minority wealthy classes, kept out of government influence and thus setting us free to decide our fate and prosper.

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