Guilt Free Dessert: Heavenly Eton Mess

Anyone who knows me knows I simply cannot bake, I’m utterly terrible at it. So, since starting Slimming World I’ve been lost without cakes and dessert type dishes. Those stick around your teeth, sugary concoctions have been haunting my dreams lately and since it had been 21 long weeks of sticking rigidly to Plan I set about trying to create something decadent.

I think I’ve succeeded!

What I’ve come up with is an Eton Mess of sorts but has the luxurious taste of a Pavlova packed full of gooey sugariness!

This also gave me a chance to try something new fruit wise which is always a plus!

The star of this dish and my secret to having a ‘sauce’ of sorts is my newest discovery, the Pomegranate. Can you be in love with a fruit? I am either which way! The way the juice coats your desert to make it so inviting and the seeds are just the right amount of sticky to perfectly compliment the meringue pieces!

Well enough of all the pomegranate gushing I suppose I’d better tell you what you need to recreate a piece of heaven ๐Ÿ˜‰


Single Meringue Nest (I used Tesco’s Finest and they were delicious!)

1/2 Pomegranate



Granulated sweetener (trust me! It works!)

Fat Free Normandy Fromage Frais

I have served this dessert in a wine goblet type glass and I think it really does it justice! Going back to an earlier article when I mentioned ‘visualisation’ and the fact that if you sit down to something that looks amazing you’ll feel better about it afterwards, contented and almost blissful after this particular recipe!

This is so incredibly simple to put together and I hardly need to tell you but I will anyway.

1. Squeeze the pomegranate so some juice and seeds coat the bottom of your glass, place some broken meringue pieces over the pomegranate juice.

2. Put 5 heaped tablespoons of Fromage Frais into a bowl and add some chopped raspberries and strawberries, mix well. Then add to that some more pomegranate juice and seeds, stir and it should start to go pink! Then add 1 heaped tablespoon of sweetener – mix really well.

3. Spoon some of this mixture over the meringue nests in your wine glass, then top with some whole strawberries and raspberries, then more mixture and top with the remaining broken meringue pieces! For extra WOW! Factor, top with some more pomegranate juice and seeds, 2 halves of a strawberry and a sprinkling of sweetener!

For all the Slimming Worlders out there this recipe amounts to 2.5 syns using the Meringue Nests I’ve listed however you can make your own meringue quite simply by mixing 4 egg whites and 3 heaped tablespoons of sweetener until it peaks, spoon onto tray and bake for 30 minutes (approx)

For none Slimming Worlders this is simply a very decadent dessert for hardly any Calories!

Another fantastic thing about this dessert? You can fill in the layers with whatever you like! Be that chocolate or different fruits!

Why don’t you try some chocolate sauce, crumbled flake and some slightly melted toffee if you’re feeling naughty!?

I know you’ll all rush to make this one so let me know how you got on ๐Ÿ˜‰

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2 Comments on Guilt Free Dessert: Heavenly Eton Mess

  1. jus found ur page today an imus say how amazin u look i am at slimmin worldmyself in newry i am enjoyin it to date at it i hav lost 2st 2lb i joined june 2010 and i lost 2st 7lb b4 that i only want to lose 1more stone but i am findin it v hard its like takin 1 step forward an 2 back i hav takin note of ur recipes they all look lovely my biggest down fall is i dont feel the way i should i think it because i stil carry a good bit of weight arond my middle an sometimes i think the harder i try the worst the results r thanks for sharin with me sadie

    • Hi Sadie! You’re doing brilliantly so keep up the good work!
      Let it come naturally, enjoy your food and keep it as lighthearted as you can – I know it’s hard not to get bogged down trying to lose unwanted weight ๐Ÿ™
      It’s a small world as I originate from Newry!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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