Syn Free Garlic and Chilli Burger Recipe

Having been so good for so long, these last few weeks I have been craving ‘naughty food’. I’m dreaming of burgers, pizzas, kebabs…… it has been a tough one!

So, instead of letting it get me down OR giving in and having something I haven’t allowed for that particular day I set about recreating some ‘Takeaway Favourites’.

First on my list was Burger and Chips.

There’s nothing that brings more comfort than sitting down to a good burger! And a good burger is hard to beat! Unfortunately for me the Chip Shops where I live do amazing burgers 🙁 But…..  the husband stated that our burgers were even better, in fact we would rather sit down to this recipe than the Chip Shops and that’s saying something 🙂

Syn Free Garlic and Chilli Burgers


250g Extra Lean Beef Mince (this will make 2 very good sized burgers)

1/2 an Onion (chopped)

2 Cloves of Garlic (chopped)

1/2 of a Red Chilli (chopped)

1 TablespoonPaprika

1/2 Tablespoon Chilli Powder

1 Beaten Egg

FryLight Spray Oil


1. Pop your mince into a large mixing bowl and add the onions, chillis and garlic – get your hands in there and give it all a good mixing!

2. Add your Paprika and Chilli Powder, mix even more.

3. Add your beaten egg to bind and ….. wait for it!….. Mix again! 😉

4. Preheat a frying pan and spray some FryLight. Split your burger mix into however many burgers you are making, then with each section of burger mix roll into a ball and flatten out.  Transfer carefully to the hot pan and fry for approximately 6 minutes each side. It’s easy to tell when these are done as the pink will disappear from the middle which is easily checked.

When your burger is cooked, serve it any which way you fancy!

I had mine topped with Bacon and Fried Onions served with chips and side salad including Gherkins, Mayo the lot! The husband opted for a bun with relish, mayo and cheese – yummy any which way! And saving Syns on a takeaway!

Is there any Takeaway option you’ve not been able to substitute with a low syn version yet? If so, why not get in touch and let me see what magic I can work?

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