Tuesday’s Tech Take: 11/29

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you’re ready for your weekly tech fix. Let’s get it:

1-Cyber Monday is No Joke

And neither is the way that tablets are changing how we shop– Mashable highlights how Cyber Monday sales increased 15% in the first half of the day and also acknowledged that tablet purchases are on the rise. By the time this is posted, the final percentage will have been calculated, so I’ll just plug Mashable’s home page here. Also, here’s some telling stuff about tablet users and their shopping habits from Mashable:

The increasing number of tablet owners in the U.S. is changing the way people shop from in-store to online — 20% of all mobile ecommerce sales now come from tablets and 60% of tablet owners have purchased goods using a tablet.

It’s always been clear that the holidays affect our desire for gadgets, but now, more than ever, how we also use them to attain them. Crazy or cool? I think both.

2- Facebook is Going Public

But isn’t it already as public as it can get? It is, afterall, the evil force in today’s world when it comes to privacy control, and public, shameless, neverending sharing. It’s all a part of Zuckerberg’s fascination with minimalism. Think I’m joking? Take a peek at Zuck’s about info. He states, “I’m trying to make the world a more open place.”

I just think this whole Facebook filing IPO early next year and becoming officially “public” is silly. Not the part about how much money the company will be worth afterwards, which I’m totally jealous of, but simply the process of it. Irony is an understatement. Though the story’s interesting beceause TechCrunch argues that going public could actually hurt the site. Maybe if I was more interested in finance though, I’d dig a little deeper on this.

3- Kindle On Top

Can you guess who killed it on Black Friday? Yep, the Ereader and tablet from Amazon– the Kindle and Kindle Fire. The LA Times reported  from Amazon.com that Amazon quadrupled its Kindle sales from last Black Friday (though it won’t give specific numbers), and that it’s expected to sell between 3-5 million Kindle Fires before the end of the year. Not too shabby going up against the iPad and Nook Tablet. Guess the world really does want the world in the palm of its hands– I know I sure do!

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