Get ready for the Big March 2012

On the 31st of January you can ‘march’ alongside celebrities and other well-known figures at The Big March 2012. This is an online march where you sign up at and create an avatar and sign the petition. The petition calls for the United Nations for help to protect children from bullying, violence and harassment.

The march starts at 8am on the 31st January and will last for 48 hours. All the avatars that people have made will be then ‘marched’ along the websites of partner websites. Of the partner wesites signed are Facebook, The Sun and Barry M. There are many more listed on the website.

Times will be made available as to when avatars will march through each website so you can try and spot you! I have made the Daily Waffle a bright purple avatar with aerial ears with a placard saying “Help, don’t hurt!”. If you see it be sure to let us know.

I have signed up to The Big March for the last few years on my personal blog. It’s something so quick and easy to do to make a difference. Sign up now and you can wander around the park with many partner website tents offering competitions and information.

As my DW writing colleague Sera said in her personal bullying story “What happens now stays with you through life”.

Make a change!

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