Temple Run game heading to Android

Temple Run has already been labelled 2012’s Angry Birds and look how popular that is. Temple Run which has been the top iOS for the past few months. It has had over 20 million downloads and has 7 million daily players.

What is the game about?

Temple Run is a running game. You play an explorer running away from scary monkeys (believe me they are strange looking things) and along the way you need to avoid tree stumps, fire and jump over rocks. You will need to tilt your phone as your explorer runs across tight paths and you will also need to swipe the screen with your finger to jump, slide or to turn direction.

Is it addictive?

Yes. Totally. There are power ups in the game that give you better scores and enabling you to play the game with less trouble like limited invincibility. Also there are seven different characters to unlock.

What is a good score?

Our Chief Editor Peter got caught out posting his score through the twitter link up on the game as he had no clue what scores people had been getting (I won’t disclose his starting score but I’ve seen it’s better now). The average I have seen on my twitter timeline is around 800,000 points, I’m working my way up and my last score was around 350,000.

Coming to Android…

I’ve seen a date of the 9th of February 2012 for the Android release so it shouldn’t be too long to wait for Android users. Temple Run has been free on the iOS for a while now as it offers in-app purchases instead, so the Android version should also be free too.

I am super addicted to Temple Run… I just wish I didn’t end up a crispy explorer all the time!

Have you played it yet? What’s your top score?

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