My visit to Palma in Majorca

When my friends and I decided we were going to go to Majorca a few years ago we had decided we would stay away from the more touristy areas and we didn’t really want to follow the crowds. We decided upon staying in Palma, Majorca’s capital. We were not interested in a clubbing holiday, we felt we were older now although don’t discount us from going on one in the future.

This trip would give us the best of both as we could explore Palma’s delights and attractions during the day and then experience the restaurants and bars in the evening. This was the first time that I and this group of my friends were going on holiday together, it was long overdue and soon countdowns were made and in no time we were packing to go.

Arriving at the airport was a mixture of excitement and nerves, not nerves about regrets about going away but the nerves of “did I pack everything?”. The airport was really busy but we watched as large groups departed by various different reps. Maybe the next time we came here we would do that, I still recall a trip to Ibiza on a rep based holiday with University friends that I still have photos of on my fridge.

We all knew a few basic Spanish phrases but were each carrying a Spanish dictionary, we only had a few slip ups. One of mine was for speaking a little too loudly when I was translating the menu and Arros Brut meant dirty rice. I felt I had to order after that outburst, turns out it is just paella without the seafood. It tastes a lot better than it sounds, I promise!

The beach – Cala Major is very sheltered and it wasn’t over packed and we had read that the King and Queen of Spain are regularly seen there. They were not there when we were there sadly. We loved the markets and the chocolate shops (who wouldn’t?) and a visit to Castell de Bellver gave us beautiful views across Palma. We spotted a lot of villas as we looked over Palma and we had joked on our flight about how nice it would be to one day have our own villa here. Our visit here only cemented that opinion. I know from a lot of people that renting a villa in Majorca provides couples and families with the chance to do as they wish on their stay without the need to be aware of hotel times for dinner and breakfast. Personally I enjoy both options; it just depends on what kind of holiday I’m on.

We were quite surprised how popular the harbour was from late afternoon until late at night, we happened upon this by chance and then frequently went back to try out different tapas and Mallorcan wines. There really was so much to see and do in Palma and I need to book another visit out there again. This visit I stayed in a hotel but as I saw when I was out there another very popular option is to rent a home or villa in Majorca during your stay

Have you ever been to Palma? Or Majorca?

Where would you recommend as the best places to visit?

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