Why I chose the Amazon Touch over the new iPad

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When the first Kindle in the UK was released in 2009 I confess I was not interested. Back then I had a six year old son and I had just started taking over at my Dad’s business. My time was not my own. Free time was taken by either taking my son to watch football, cinema trips or I was spending all my time thinking of how to get the business through an economic climate that even back then was a struggle. I was more of a comic book reader and to some extent I still am. I only read authors who I was used to, Stephen King is my favourite but the thought of not having the actual book to read was alien to me. I could see the benefits of having a kindle but for me an e-reader was not suitable for me.

Fast forward a year and I bought the original iPad but this was because I had wanted a tablet computer for work, this was a touchscreen and it was an Apple product. It wasn’t just that, it was THE gadget to have. The iPad is still the gadget to have and in America it has been reported that half of the homes have at least one Apple product. We now have two iPads in the house, my original and the iPad2 (my fiancée’s) and both are pretty much full of a mixture of games and our own hobby favourites. My son uses an iPad at school and he normally grabs one of the iPad’s before the rest of the house is awake to play games. He does not just use it for games but he has started to write on it. This for a boy who if you sit him down with a pen and a piece of paper will think of a million things he wants to do than be sat there. This in turn has led to both iPads amongst the three of us being full.

I have now found in recent months that I have wanted to get into reading more so I have pre-ordered the new Amazon Touch. This will be mine. I could have in theory bought another iPad, but thenew iPad for me isn’t a great deal of an improvement on previous generations for what I use it for. Reading this had helped me to decide that the Amazon Touch was the correct upcoming purchase for me. I will have my own mobile library and I can also use it to read the countless PDF’s I am sent through work with ease. This decision has of course been met with some comments as I am a Apple fanboy so why the shift to Amazon? Sometimes you need a gadget for a specific task and this one fulfils that for me. (Although if Siri had been on the new iPad I probably would have bought it -missed a trick there Apple!). Read my DW Towers colleague’s Tech Take on the new iPad, I share her views.

I might even start expanding my favourite author list. It will just be nice to have my OWN gadget again. When I told my son that I was going to get a kindle he told me “But it doesn’t do much Dad”… I smiled. This will be mine.

Those of you waiting on the Kindle Fire, I expect this to be released much like the very first Kindle was here in the UK. We never got the original and it was a later generation that was revealed so I expect the Kindle Fire to follow that suit. But there does seem to be speculation that Amazon believe in the UK people will go for the Touch rather than the Fire anyway.

The Kindle Touch is released in the UK on April 27th 2012.

Are you thinking of buying the Amazon Touch?

Or are you one of those waiting for the Kindle Fire to come to the UK?

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