Photography Magazines: 2 Premier Publications for Beginners

As a photographer, I always love to read photography magazines to get ideas on how to take new types of images or tips to improve my current skills. Currently on the market there are many different types of photography magazine ranging from beginners to experienced levels. It can be very daunting buying a magazine when there are so many to choose from, as they aren’t cheap and sometimes you want to ensure its suited to you. My two favourite magazines are Photography for Beginners and Digital SLR Photography. Here is a brief overview of each magazine, and why I believe they are the best out there:

Photography for Beginners

Each issue is packed with practical advice to help you take your best ever photo, no matter what camera your use or what you shoot.
Written by passionate photographers for passionate photographers, Photography for Beginners is the only magazine of its kind. Embracing technologies like smart phones and tablets, as well as social networking websites, editing software’s and much more besides.


This magazine is aimed for anyone who likes to take images with their camera phone, compact or  digital camera. They help you to shoot, edit and share better images. They give you step by step guides on topics like how to create depth of field, post production tips using Photoshop and much more. I love this magazine so much because it is so easy to understand and they explain everything in simple terms, leaving the technical terms to an absolute minimum and making it extremely user friendly. If you are looking for a new camera they include reviews explaining all the pros and cons for each camera. You can also share your images with the magazine, ask them a question you want an expert to answer or leave feedback with them on all the main social network sites.

You can subscribe to the magazine here, or contact them and share your images here.

Digital SLR Photography

The leading website for digital SLR photographers who are passionate about taking pictures. Brought to you by the team behind the UK’s biggest photography magazine, you can be sure that we’ll be providing you with the very best techniques, advice and images from the photo world.


This magazine caters for everyone from beginners to professional photographers and they have a team of experts who provide easy step by steps guides on how to shoot images in your cameras manual mode. They offer advice on different types of camera settings and which to use in different environment’s. If you are looking for any new equipment, they give advice on anything from new lens to camera bags, tripods to filters. The main reason I love this magazine is they share images from all over the world, showcasing professional photographers to amateurs, and not only this but the show you how to take that type of image yourself.

You can subscribe to the magazine here, or contact them and share your images here.

There are many more photography magazines out there on the market, anything from black and white photography to guides to taking landscape images. Here is a link for a list of the most popular photography magazine at the moment.

I look forward to my montly magazine arriving on my door mat each month, my husband loves it as he gets a bit of peace and quiet for a hour or two. Whats your favorite photography magazine and why ?

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