The 21st century with a 1950’s twist

It’s all coming back. The recession has hit hard and the make do and mend ethos that was lost has very much resurfaced. Baking, sewing, knitting, all back in vogue partially because we want to, partially because we have to and also as always influenced by the famous (Julia Roberts and Madonna to name a couple of celebrity knitters).

The fabulous Ina Garten (state side) and the delectable Nigella Lawson (Brit side) have inspired men & women into the kitchen to create and partake in fresh and sumptuous cooking. They’ve put the sexy back into being in the kitchen. Hurrah. No 7-10 min “ping dinners” here, we are talking about inspired cooking. Whether on a budget or throwing caution to the wind extravagance 😀 Watching the shows makes your mouth water, never mind following through and having your home smell delicious and your family and friends being suitably impressed at your new-found culinary skills!! Then the cake makers, those inspired cupcakes, biscuits, torts, puddings and magical cakes that look anything but. It’s become a positive art in the cakes and bakes world.

A time where we want organic, a time where people are getting back into “growing your own”, whether terrace or country mansion, there are ways and means to have your own little “veg patch”. Allotments are back in vogue with the younger generation again. We all find life expensive and if there’s savings to be made obviously its a start, but also the satisfaction of cooking up your own spuds, using your herbs in your soups and stews 😀 grating your carrots for your carrot cake etc.
Learning how to knit & sew, lost on a generation or two where back in my day (haha I do sound old) you went to knitting & sewing lessons in school. I wasn’t a natural. A “tight” knitter forever dropping stitches and breaking my wool. But it stayed with me, I can knit with gusto if I want, I can thread a needle, sew and mend, use a machine, make stuff. I don’t have a machine now, I have sewing machine envy. It boils down to space, but I have the skills, and in an era where we are trying to buy home produced products it’s nice to be creative rather than buy cheap stuff made else where.

Recycling, up cycling and charity shops have lost that cringe appeal to many people, rather than appearing poor and the stigma of second hand clothes it’s become a gold mine of vintage. It’s the savvy shoppers and the creative ones you’ll see trawling through the clothes rails. Always thinking of the bigger picture, it’s material. You may not wear it but you can convert it, take it in, transform it 😀
2nd hand stores, car boot sales, eBay: one persons junk is another persons treasure. Kitsch is cool 😀 the 21st century with a  1950’s twist.

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