The Science of Star Trek INFOGRAPHIC

Star Trek is a favorite source of creative thought and entertainment for various generations. Decade long fans may recall the novelty of observing the imagined devices and effects as portrayed in the series. Today’s technology provides a humorous and interesting opportunity, though, to reflect on how close to reality those imaginings have come.

Some of the Star Trek inspirations are still non-existent. They are fun to consider, but they haven’t materialized. Wormhole interstellar travel and time travel, for example, are frequently used in the popular series but not possible in today’s scientific and technological world. Likewise, the idea of interstellar warp drive is not compatible with modern understanding of possible travel speeds.

On the other hand, the futuristic communications devices and platforms depicted in Star Trek are now realities. Cell phones allow instant communication, and video conferencing is really here. Computers are integral in the navigation of airplanes and space vehicles. The means of interacting with computers is even beginning to incorporate vocal commands and responses.

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The Science of Star Trek infographic

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