Film Trailer Friday: Total Recall

Released: 29th August (UK)

Its getting to the point in Hollywood where I’m seriously starting to think that Movie screenwriters have run out of ideas. This theory is based solely on the trend over the past decade of remaking everything they can get their hands on. Even if the film they are remaking is a 90’s sci-fi classic, as is the case with Total Recall. Not only should they have left the film alone, but they replace movie God and all-round badass Arnold Schwarzengger, with homeless looking Irish bad-boy Colin Farrell!?! What’s next, a remake of Star Wars with Jaden Smith as Luke? Anyway, enough whining, lets get back to the film.

The plot revolves around Doug Quaid (Colin Farell – The Recruit), a regular Joe who begins to think he is a spy after visiting a company called Rekall who implant fake memories into your noggin. Things go wrong, so cue all manner of sexy action packed adventures with Farrell and his co-stars Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) and Jennifer Biel (Blade 3). Len Wiseman (Underworld, Die Hard 4.0) is at the reigns for the remake, and the action in the trailer looks superb, so my advice would be to give this film a try.

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