How to make a dog smile

There are people who swear their dogs smile at them. Mine most certainly does not. She sports various looks ranging from piercing mind meld to extreme glumness, because she’s not spoiled at all and is suffering such a dull life. She listens intently for a key word in my mostly pointless gibberings in case I mention food, treats, or outings.  Nowhere on that map of facial expressions, however, is there a twitch of lip.

I considered googling “dog” and “smile” for us – so we’d know, one way or other, for real – but then I became gripped with a fear of seeing pages of smiling DOGS.

After a very short moment of consideration I decided to spare myself the sight of loads of random dogs grinning away like lunatics. How far can smiling be from crazy, frothing at the mouth, and thence biting? I don’t want to know. And if you do, feel free to do the research, but remember, we might be more sensitive than you think. So be careful what you share.

Smiling dogs might be the new thing bloggers “cut for potential triggering” This is what people who want to talk about their crazy write when they are hanging it all out under a clicky cut so that the rest of the crazies can pause for a moment before opening. Polite, right? Imagine if life in general were like that?

Well it isn’t. And I don’t even know if I can make a cut here, so I’m going to share my cruel dog experiment with you right out here in the open. Here it is;

Can I help you?

I made her smile!

Alright, I did cheat. No Photoshop here, no bending of the mouth.  Just the simple expedient of turning that frown upside down. Or dog. What I did was to turn the dog upside down. Then I turned the photo upside down. et VOILA! A smiling Staffie for your viewing pleasure.

Listen, if we’re going to have a summer like this, with all the colouring books and crayons weather, then there is bound to be a bit of home-made fun. If I can’t get out in the garden to weed and loaf about, and more importantly if I can’t get to the park with the dog for the requisite quantity of tiring play, we will be on the bed playing puppy in a blanket, and I am bound to take advantage.

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  1. I’m sorry your dog does not smile. I have four dogs, and they are all kind of smiley, except my male Jack Russell terrier, and he’s super duper neurotic and sad face looking all the time, despite the fact that he IS spoiled. Maybe that’s why he’s so sulky, being spoiled. But my husband did it, not me. My big dogs are not spoiled at all (I say as I look over at the Golden Doodle licking himself at the foot of my bed) and they seem much happier for it.

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