Join the Daily Waffle Community

Part of the Daily Waffle motto is to create a community, this includes both our writers and readers. It has also in recent months included advertisers and PR companies. It is an ever-expanding community that we are extremely proud of.

You can still be a part of this community and here are the many ways that you can;

  • You can join our writing team. All we ask is that you write regularly and you are free to write about what you want to. Except for anything that can get us sued.
  • We have various advertising options from as little as £4, these include advertising space and sponsored posts.
  • We tweet! Do you? Follow us on twitter @DailyWaffle. Go on, we don’t bite!
  • If you like us on facebook then we really, really like you back. Or however that works.
  • You can also stalk us on pinterest.
  • Also you can subscribe to our RSS feed and emails.
  • If you’re a PR company that wants to get some ideas to us then email, but no spam please. I don’t like it.

Come and join the Daily Waffle community there’s cake*

*There isn’t actually cake *sobs*


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