Tuesday’s Tech Take: Apple’s Triumphs & Facebook’s Woes in the Stock Market

At the same time that Facebook’s IPO has dropped to half its worth when it was initiated to the public earlier this summer, Apple has been crowned as the most valuable public company ever. I find it kind of ironic, seeing just how much both of these companies have benefitted the other in recent years: iPhones are addiciting, partially, because the Facebook app is on it, and Facebook is addiciting because it’s something that we have with us everywhere, on our iPhones. With that sort of relationship, you’d think that the neverending cycle would cause a direct correlation in regards into how these companies fare in the business world.

Now, of course, Facebook is new to the stock market game of thrones, and obviously, Apple isn’t. So the news that Facebook’s shares dropped to as low as $18.75 on Monday and Apple’s market value reached $623.52 billion  shouldn’t be much of a shock, at least in that sense. But at the same time, should we be concerned?

This is prime time for social media, and as clearly as Apple has continued to thrive through the many stages of web 2.0, I think Facebook should be able to as well. It’s not like Facebook is a company that was developed only a year ago, either. Zuckerberg and company have had almost a decade to get their feet on the ground with the world’s largest social network. So really, what I’m trying to get to is this: Facebook needs to step up now more than ever.

Because none of us really want it to sink in this market, especially if at some point that could affect us, the ones who live and breathe by Facebook’s wonders.

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