How to survive the zombie apocalypse this Halloween

zombie invasion

After London was invaded by hordes of revellers dressed as zombies as part of last week’s World Zombie Day we thought it would be apt to keep the people informed of how to survive a potential zombie outbreak, with Halloween just around the corner.

With the numbers of zombie fanatics expected to multiply in the coming days here are four top tips to help you avoid becoming another ‘Flesh Files’ statistic!

Comfortable running shoes

Trainers are an absolute must in order to move quickly away from the spooky subhumans! Zombies do move very slowly so a comfy pair of running shoes should enable you to outsprint them if they sniff you out.

A lightweight weapon

The last thing you want is to get embroiled in some one-on-one zombie combat down a dark alleyway but if you do it is important that you’ve got protection! A baseball or cricket bat is the ideal weapon to wield to knock out the flesh eaters and keep you safe.

Cover that face of yours!

With many towns and cities becoming infested with zombies on October 31st it is a sure fire thing that the streets are going to stink with rotting flesh! Buy a big face mask or bandana to cover your nose and mouth to avoid the ghastly smell and to also protect your identity.

A clever disguise

If you can’t beat them then you might just have to join them. A clever disguise is easy to achieve these days however, with plenty of make-up, prosthetics and zombie outfits to help you look like you have already succumbed to the virus.

These hints and tips have been provided by who has devised a unique zombie heatmap to pinpoint the towns and cities within the UK with the highest concentration of zombie enthusiasts.

The map is driven by three years’ worth of sales data of zombie paraphernalia from and it is a clever way of highlighting the zombulation at Halloween.

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