My 5 Favorite Memes About Binders Full of Women

The 2nd US Presidential debate was so entertaining. I mean, it literally had every thing.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney nearly had a fight club fight, Obama said the word “gang-bangers” and thanks to Romney’s comments about “binders full of women” when asked about equity pay between men and women, the Internet erupted into the funniest tweets I’ve ever read, and the best memes I’ve come across since the Olympics. So I couldn’t help myself from putting together this list.

Here are my 5 favorite “binders full of women” memes, which I’ll let speak for themselves. For more hilarious ones, check out the official binders full of women tumblr.

bindersfullofwomen:Binders full of women.I’m reposting this one because I failed to give credit to the creator the first time! Please show him some love:Brendan Tobin



Nobody puts baby in a binder.



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