Music Monday: Weezer – Buddy Holly


There is a reason that everyone on the planet has seen this Weezer video, and that is the fact that Microsoft Windows 95 released “Fun Stuff” items on a CD, including this video. However, this doesn’t change the following three things: 1. This is a great video 2. This is a great song 3. Rivers Cuomo is a slamming hottie.

The video was directed by Spike Jonze and filmed at the Charlie Chaplin Studio in Hollywood. It took one day to film.

The video was re-edited with clips from Happy Days, and cast member Al Molinaro made a cameo appearance. The reason he says “Kenosha, Wisconsin!” at the beginning of the video is because that is his home town. The footage of Fonzie dancing to the band used a body double and then re-edited the Fonz back in. Actor Anson Williams, who played Potsie, initially objected to the use of footage of him in the video, but after the founder of the record company wrote to him, he allowed it. I know you’re going to be singing “ooh-wee-ooh” all day now. I regret nothing.

The video scored four awards at the 1995 MTV Music Video Awards.

From the album: Weezer

Released: 10 May 1994

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