Product Review: Flying Screaming Monkey


It’s that time of year when I start looking around for stocking fillers for Christmas, because as the famous coke advert says, “The holidays are coming!” I always struggle to find wrap-ups for my family members, so when I was given the opportunity to review a flying screaming monkey for, I decided to jump at the chance.

What is a flying screaming monkey?

It’s a monkey dressed as a superhero, which you launch like a slingshot. You do this by placing your fingertips into its arms whilst pulling back its feet and tail then letting go to release the monkey so it flies off in the air. When it’s released the monkey starts to scream which adds a great effect, if not a little loud.

What I like about the monkey?

The fact that it is a cheap but cheerful toy which will give any child hours of fun. My highlight of playing with this monkey was when I scared my husband half to death when he was not expected it flying toward him. Also that you can use the monkey both indoors and outdoors, although indoor use may result in some breakages as it does fly quite far. The monkey is so cute to look at with its soft brown fur that it makes a good gift for boy or girl.

What I dislike about it?

Its loud, very loud, and when it was used indoors it scared my cat half to death. Also, due to the force of the slingshot, I would not recommend this to kids under the age of eight.


Overall I would buy this monkey as Christmas stocking filler for a family member (not my husband though 😉 ) or as a secret Santa for a work colleague as there is hours of fun to be had with this monkey. The monkey is fun, cheap but well-made, and will not break the bank. The perfect recipe for a stocking filler this Christmas.

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