Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Kids

It’s that time of year again when you’re starting to rush around buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Buying for people can be a hard task, especially when they don’t tell you what they want. Usually you will end up buying them a pair of socks and a fluffy jumper, just like I received last year. However, not everyone is hard to buy for, kids are so easy to buy for because there is so much choice and they enjoy just about anything (apart from socks and jumpers). So how can you decide which are the best Christmas Gifts For Kids? Below is a list of what I believe are the Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Kids.

Drum Kit Play Mat

At some point in a child’s life they will want a drum kit, that’s a fact. Of course drums are loud and take up a lot of room, why would you want to give something like that to a child? In comes the Drum Kit Play Mat, the perfect answer to any child who wants a drum kit. This brilliant Play Mat has 8 touch sensitive pads that when you give them a firm tap, create drum noises.

christmas gifts for kids

You can even plug in any audio device that has a 3.5mm jack and play your own tunes, so you can teach your child the classics. The Drum Kit Play Mat doesn’t take up any room when it’s not in use because you can just simply roll is up and slide it under the sofa. Oh, I bet you’re thinking you’ll still be able to hear the noise of drums? Well you’d be wrong, the play mat comes with headphones so your child can be off in their own little musical world. These Drum Kit Play Mats make great Christmas gifts for kids and are available at Deviltronics

Poo-Pooing Reindeer

One thing that small boys are obsessed with is poo and sweets. They find it hilarious when their dog defaces someone’s garden and they love to eat sweets. Put them both together and you get a fun and tasty chocolate. Oh I mean it. The Poo-Pooing Reindeer is a brilliant small gift for kids this Christmas. Just the reindeer a squeeze, make noises if you wish and out pops a small chocolate disguised as reindeer droppings. This will have your kids laughing for hours. You can buy this from a large number of shops or buy it online here.

christmas gifts for kids

Thumbs up Solar Car

This gift is fantastic, not only does it bring joyous hours of fun but it also teaches children about solar power. The Solar Car come in 3 in a pack so you can have drag races against each other, the winner will usually be whoever places their car in a better place under the sunlight. These cars require no batteries or assembly, just pop them out the box and stick them under the sun. The Solar Cars move quite quickly too so be careful where you aim them!

Christmas gifts for kids

This is a great way to teach your child about renewable energy whilst having fun. You can find these great gifts for kids here Amazon

Heated Sock Animals

I know I said to avoid buying your child Socks for Christmas, but these Heated Sock Animals don’t count. Christmas is a very cold time of year and it’s important to keep your child warm, especially their tootsies. So rather than making them put on their dads socks, why not make it fun with these Heated Sock Animals?

christmas gifts for kids

Just pop the sock in the microwave for a minute or so and then pop them on your child’s feet. They will be kept warm and will enjoy having an animal attached to their foot. Oh and they are also scented so don’t worry about smelly feet! You can find these Heated Socks here Firebox

Christmas Pudding Bin Bags

This gift is a little bit different from your usual gift. It’s more of a treat for you really. Rather than lugging the rubbish outside on Christmas day in the freezing cold whilst you’re cooking 100 different dinners, why not get the kids to do it? I bet you’re laughing thinking they wouldn’t do it. They will if you give them the Christmas Pudding Bin Bags to use. These bags are great, they are exactly the same as your normal bin bags apart from they have a Christmas pudding design to make your rubbish look more festive.

Christmas gifts for kids

You get 12 in the pack so that’s plenty to get you through Christmas. You can find these here Debenhams

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