Do The Mobot

do the mobot

The iconic ‘Mobot’ pose is taking on a new form as it is being used to raise awareness and funding for the Mo Farah Foundation. The charity was set up by Mo Farah and his wife Tania to provide aid to children in East Africa. The charity hopes to raise £100,000 towards the ‘Mo Farah Orphanage and Sports Academy’, a place of safety and shelter for children affected by the worst drought to hit the region in 60 years.

Mo said:-

“Lots of people I’ve met since the Olympics have said I should do something with the Mobot and to be able to turn it into a dance craze that could have a huge benefit for children in East Africa seems the right thing to do.

“Making a difference for kids who don’t get the opportunities that I’ve had is a big part of what motivates me. I really hope that people join in and get behind it.”

The ‘Do The Mobot’ song is released tomorrow. On the youtube channel you can see Tom Daley, David Haye and even Boris Johnson having a go at “do the mobot”. There are even more videos of celebrities and you can upload your own videos (closing date is Monday 3rd of December), so hurry!

What your donation can bring

£1 – Buy a Dinner Plate, Fork, Knife and Spoon for one Orphan
£2 – Buy a Brick for the Orphanage
£5 – Feed one Orphan for 2 weeks
£10 – Support medical care for 1 orphan for 2 weeks

You can follow the Farah Foundation on twitter @FarahFoundation, Facebook and watch all the videos on youtube.

You can also read more on the website here

We know that you all have the Mo-ves!

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