What is a Hair Masque?

At some point all individuals are likely to suffer from the consequences of dry hair including flyaways and split ends. These troublesome problems that appear to have no cure can be an instant downer on anyone’s morning. However hair masques are intended to minimise bad hair days through additional moisturisation on top of the average hair cleansing routine.

The application process is simple as no additional products will be required although a shower cap is desired after applying the masque to prevent dripping. Generally the product should be left in around 20-30 minutes however instructions will be provided alongside purchase. A central caution would be to ensure all product is washed thoroughly out the hair to prevent greasiness.

Masques ensure the hair is moisturised and looking fantastic!
Masques ensure the hair is moisturised and looking fantastic!

The Purpose of a Hair Masque

Hair masque products are highly versatile with endless variations for different hair types! Possibly the most popular type of hair masque is for dry or damaged hair, as in addition to any other functions, hair masques are deeply nourishing as they condition and add moisture to hair.

Other variations include ranges for coloured hair, curly or frizzy hair and brittle hair. They shouldn’t be used on a daily basis but are only necessary if hair is looking particularly damaged or if wishing to maintain ultimate moisturisation application once a week or so is advised.

Homemade Hair Masques

There are many household ingredients, casually used within the kitchen, that have replenishing and revitalising qualities. Creating a homemade hair masque is a more affordable and convenient method of dealing with problematic hair issues! With very little time required to mix and apply the ingredients there is nothing stopping individuals from benefiting from the goodness of ingredients at-hand in the kitchen.

A common used ingredient in both branded and homemade hair masques is avocado as the fruit contains ingredients that enhance the natural shine and moisture of the hair leaving it soft to touch! Mixing with either banana or lemon and a touch of honey can produce a smooth, replenishing hair masque to be applied all over the hair and left on for a short period of time, for example 20 minutes.

Branded Hair Masques

The majority of known beauty brands offer some kind of hair masque attempting to regain moisture while eliminating dryness. These products can be bought at a variety of prices meaning they’re available to individuals on any budget!

A highly recommended hair masque is Tommy Guns Colour Save Intensive Masque. At an unbelievable price of £6.00 this product is highly effective in taming fizzy hair that frequently tangles while maintaining colour. More expensive products such as Frederic Fekkai Technician Colour Core 3 Minute Mask at £28.00 are alternatives for those individuals with a little more cash to spare!

Many beauty brands offer variations of hair masque products
Many beauty brands offer variations of hair masque products


The key to selecting an appropriate hair masque is to assess the state of the locks it will be applied to. This will allow the product to be selected on the basis of problem areas, such as dryness or colour protection, and attempt to cure these issues!

Purchasing a hair masque is certainly worth the investment as it brings forth visible results and ensures hair is in top condition with no dryness or discoloration! Due to the popularity of the product hair masques are available in the majority of drug stores, cosmetic stalls and online.

An article by Alan Horton on behalf of Merritts for Hair.


Image Credits: autumn_bliss and victorsounds

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