Would You Like to Drive it Like Beckham?

Premiership footballers are often associated with the word ‘fast’ – fast times, fast women, fast cars – and it’s the cars that often catch the eye of the average Joe on the street who would love to have that lifestyle and that career. David Beckham is the shining example of a footballer who has transcended the sport and become a brand in his own right. He no longer plays in the Premier League, and these days the fast times and fast women have slowed down due to being married with children, but nobody gets as much press attention and fan admiration as Becks. He’s also known for being a great petrol head, with an awesome collection of cars in his garage that include two Ferrari’s, a Lamborghini Gallardo and two Bentley Arnages. When you’ve been at the top of your game since the 1990’s, you can afford to splash out and go wild with your motor vehicles, and David Beckham does it in style with some classy choices.

Daley is a big car fan and hopes to one day lift up his roller garage doors and come face to face with an Aston Martin. Until that time he will continue to write about cars and entertainment.

drive it like Beckham

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