3 Hot Tech Startups to Watch in 2013

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Tech startups are usually the hardest to predict when it comes to picking winners and losers, but it seems that everyone still likes to guess and try to see if they can pick out the ones that will succeed. The startups in the technology field are always the most exciting because they usually involve things that most people use on a daily basis. Whether someone is trying to create the new social media hub that is going to turn Facebook into MySpace or someone else has a cool new way to listen to music, the fact of the matter is that everyone loves reading about the new tech startups that are supposed to change the world. 2012 was a huge year for new startups such as Dwolla and Pinterest, but what is going to happen in 2013? Here are the top three hot tech startups that you need to know about now.


Since it seems that HTML5 is here to stay, it is important for everyone to make their websites and web applications compatible with this setup. Apple does not even allow Flash on their devices, so many developers are looking for a way to make a quick transition. At pixelplant, users are able to convert their SWF and FLA Flash files to HTML5 rather quickly. Instead of starting from scratch and creating an entirely new website, users of pixelplant are able to get their Flash applications to work on HTML with a few easy clicks. This is not a completely automated process, so the people at pixelplant are actually doing some manual work along the way. This seems to be the only service for this kind of conversion as of right now.


The worlds of food and the Internet are slowly colliding, and the next step in this collision has to include Fastgrab. While other startups, such as Relay Foods, have shown that it is possible to get people to order their groceries online, Fastgrab is still working on perfecting the process of ordering food for pick-up. This is an app for your phone that will connect customers with restaurants for placing pick-up orders online with no extra cost to the customer. Although this is a Montreal based startup, they plan to expand to other cities in 2013. Customers will also be able to get coupons and rebates at the restaurants where they order on a regular basis.


While Facebook has basically been trying to take what Twitter does and integrate it into its own platform, TweetBest basically does the opposite. This is a Twitter client that gets rid of your usual timeline and replaces it with one that lists tweets by level of interest rather than time. In other words, you will see the tweets that actually mean something first rather than a picture of your friend’s lunch. Although this is a relatively small startup considering that it is client for an application that already exists, it will be interesting to see how many people decide that they want their Twitter feeds to be tweaked.

While it’s always difficult to predict what will happen with startups that are trying to make a name for themselves, these are three hot tech startups that you will need to keep an eye on in 2013.

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