A List of Unique Things to See and Do in Kenya, East Africa

Kenya, in East Africa, is one of the most popular destinations for tourists, travellers and romantic getaways. It attracts thousands of people for its wildlife, safaris, volunteering opportunities and of course, Mount Kenya.

Those who are planning on visiting this African paradise may already have a list of the things they want to see and do, so here are some unique things to add to that (every growing) itinerary.

Well Kenya believe it? Things you didn’t know about Kenya

Before making a list of unique things to see and do, you may want to brush up on your knowledge of this beautiful country first. Its largest city is Nairobi, which is also its capital. Nairobi pulls in thousands of people during peak season for a number of reasons, mainly the National Parks that surround it. The main Kenyan airport is also situated in this great city, meaning that it sees plenty of people pass through its streets.

Although Kenya has a bustling economy in relation to its neighbours, it is still seen as a developing country. This means that there are plenty of volunteering opportunities to take part in. It could be anything from building a new school or community centre, to looking after some of the World’s most beautiful animals.

Kenya is an extremely diverse country, which means that the term ‘local’ could refer to a typical African business man, as much as the leader of a tribe. There are many different tribes (over 40) in Kenya, and it is not seen as rude to address people by their tribe. There will be plenty of laughing and joking about regional accents and tribal stereotypes, so get involved if you want to take part!

Lastly, it is important to research the visa(s) you may need before visiting Kenya. Those from Europe, USA or elsewhere may need to acquire a visa from the Kenyan embassy, or consulate, before being permitted entry. A single entry visa is not pricey and will last for up to 6 months.

There are over 40 different tribes in Kenya, making this country extremely diverse.
Beaches in Kenya

When it comes to this African country, many people think safaris and National Parks before they think relaxing beach holiday. However, there are plenty of stunning beaches that will, quite simply, take your breath away. The sands are white, the water is turquoise and the sun is beautiful.

You can take a trip to Silver Sands beach in Malindi town for some snorkelling or deep sea fishing. There is also the Diani beach which looks like something out of a postcard. The words ‘spoilt for choice’ were made specifically for those who visit Kenyan beaches.

There are plenty of beach activities for those who don’t just want to lounge around in the sun all day. You can take a boat trip out into the ocean, or visit the Watamu Marine National Park. Those who love an adrenaline rush will find a whole range of water sports that will keep their pulses racing.

Other fun and unique activities in Kenya

If you want to take a break from all of the wildlife and game drives then there are plenty of other things to do in Kenya too. A lot of people take some time out of their holiday to give something back to the community, in the form of volunteering. There are several charities that work in this area, so investigate before you leave.

Instead of taking your usual game drive throughout the plains, why not do it a little bit differently? A balloon safari ride is a truly unique experience that shows exactly how this Kenyan beauty looks from up above. See all of the normal sights, but in a completely different way.

Make sure you sample some of the African cuisine when you visit Kenya, as it makes for a fun experience all in itself. Ever had an ostrich kebab? Or a zebra burger? Make an evening out of it and try everything this amazing country has to offer.
Seeing the wildlife in Kenya can be great fun, but you can eat them too!


Although Kenya is renowned for its safaris and National Parks, it doesn’t mean you have to spend your whole holiday checking them out! There are plenty of other fun activities that will appeal to any type of traveller. If you really want a holiday with a difference then see what volunteering opportunities are available before you set off.


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