Are Green Cars practical? (INFOGRAPHIC)

As we head into a greener future, society on a global level are really starting to understand what harm is being done to our environment. Large corporations have been forced to change their eco-policies, governments have drawn up plans to cut emissions and even the everyday person is finding ways in their everyday life to do their bit for the environment. However, one of the biggest threats to our environment is caused by something pretty much every household owns; a car.

Alternative fuel cars are the way forward in terms of ‘green motoring’; utilising biofuel stations and charging points to ‘fill up’. But, essentially how practical is this? If we invested in an alternative fuel car today, would we be able to get to work without having to fill up? Or more to the point; is there even a station on the way to work allowing us to do so? This infographic takes a look at the current practicality of green motoring.

Are Green Cars practical?



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