I just don’t do religion

As a person who has struggled with the concept of religion over recent years I have not been overly keen to progress my faith and would go as far as to say that I have become anti religious. Why? Many reasons bring me to dislike religion of any persuasion. In general I fear that more wars have been started, are ongoing, have ended and will come again in the future and there are only really two drivers. Greed and religion!

If I take my own faith of Christianity, as this I feel I can speak of with a certain level of intelligence there are so many reasons why I simply cannot bring the current status quo method of practising one’s faith into my heart.

I suppose the first place to start is I just cannot understand how men and women of the faith can stand in front of a congregation and preach the scriptures when there is so much wrong in the world. God is apparently the all powerful omnipresent master of the universe. He created this world, sent a flood to cleanse this earth and banished his first created humans from the Garden of Eden (it must be noted that they took temptation created by God himself – why would he do that?) with such ease and passion and yet he does not see fit to punish those who do wrong or to rid the world of the bad things that we see.

Secondly I feel the public is treated as though they are children. When questioning any contradiction in the Bible we are told ‘It is to test you’. Why do I need testing. Why would a God who loves us all equally need to test us? I have always liked a joke by the late comedian Bill Hicks in which he comments on how God puts ‘pot’ all over the world by accident and expects us not to smoke it. If God is such a fantastic being surely things like greed, jealousy, envy, temptation and revenge wouldn’t have been created?

Then we move on to the utter shameful way in which some of Gods children are better than others. Here I must remind you of one thing – according to scripture and preachers God loves all his children. Keep that in mind. There are several things I have seen in my life where I cannot make the square peg of events fit into the round hole of this statement.

1. A divorcee abused by their partner struggles to find a church to remarry them if they find love again yet a convicted murderer who declares repentance is treated like the prodigal child

2. When my parents divorced my mum was not able to attend church yet a convicted paedophile was re-baptised of his sins and attended service every Sunday

3. Gays and Lesbians are acting in sin yet Bishops who abuse children are protected by the church

4. Women have been denied the right to become Bishops yet a short time later gay men are able to assume this role as long as they remain celibate. So in reality they lie, say they haven’t had sex and can have the role????

Does all of this sound like the people who are meant to promote the work of God and show people the light are acting as such or that they are picking and chosing depending on the flavour of the month?

They have now as good as said we would rather have gay Bishops, even though they say this is a sin, than have women Bishops. There is no where in the bible that I know of that says a woman Bishop is a sin.

In my world I try to live my life by the 10 commandments and by doing so feel I live a Christian lifestyle. I have no time for discrimination of any kind. If the church were to spend less time applying the complicated intricacies of a book from a time where a miracle is now known as modern medicine to suit their agenda and more time simply promoting love of all children of God then it may well find that their congregations increase and people are more likely to find the faith that modern life has eroded.

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Natalie Shaw
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I am a mum to Eleanor and work full time in a financial services environment. I am writing for this website for humour and to give a little light laugh to anyone who reads my posts.

2 Comments on I just don’t do religion

  1. I grew up in a Christian school but, even as a child, I was sceptical. I was an atheist by the time I was a teenager and haven’t looked back since. I do respect religions yet, in a world of such vast knowledge and scientific discovery, I can see its real purpose is to provide people with hope. This can backfire at times, though, as people get confused with “god’s” purpose! Check out the film Stranded: I’ve come from a plane that crashed on the mountains – I think this is a definitive example of religion VS existential realisation.

    I can also direct you to Richard Dawkin’s excellent book The God Delusion, and Christopher Hitchen’s equally brilliant God Is Not great. Both are impartial accounts based on facts, evidence, and logic and offer a great read.

  2. This is a really interesting piece and I related a lot to what you wrote. I have been considering writing something for my own blog on this topic for a while but couldn’t really order my thoughts so thank you!

    I grew up with a very ‘hardcore’ Christian father and was confused from a very young age by the contradictions between what he preached and what he did.

    I struggled and continue to struggle with the idea of God for the reasons you describe. The, nearly 2 years ago one of my best friends lost his daughter at 13 months old to a truly evil disease she was born with. What God allows the most innocent of us to know nothing but constant pain? I am still attracted to the idea of spirituality of a sort but the type I can see and experience for myself rather than being dictated too and expected to have blind faith.

    So many people are harmed, tortured or killed in the name of faith and gods despite the belief professed not advocating violence. If there is a god why don’t they stop all the stuff done in their name?! See? This is why I didn’t write a blog post – you are much less waffly than me 🙂

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