Impress that Girl! 5 Perfect Date Ideas

Impress that Girl! 5 Perfect Date Ideas

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She’s been on your mind since the first time you saw her, and it’s taken you what feels like forever to pluck up the courage to ask her out. The big day is fast approaching and you’re starting to feel the pressure. What am I going to wear? Where am I going to take her? Why does it feel like there’s a swarm of butterflies loose in my stomach whenever I get a text from her?

Take a deep breath, and feel the calm and order restore itself in your life. Have a look at some of these great date ideas to give you some inspiration. And for heaven’s sake, tuck your shirt in!

Pottery Class

This ensures that you come away with a great souvenir of your first date together, albeit a weird-looking, mal-formed souvenir that however hard you tried doesn’t even remotely resemble a coffee mug. Think Patrick Swayze in Ghost, but ideally a bit less creepy.


Hiking gets a bad rap because it generally involves walking a long way for no particular reason and often getting rain and bits of nature in your shoes/face. Look at that couple from Twilight though. They spent loads of time in the woods and they seemed to quite like each other.

Try to pick a day with good weather and maybe even pack a picnic. You could bring your acoustic guitar along and serenade her under a tree, if you’re the type.

Science Museum

Bear with me on this, because however horrifically geeky it sounds there’s a lot of fun you can have in this kind of setting. Make giant bubbles together, play with funhouse mirrors and discover the wonders of gazing at weird looking stuff through a microscope.

Stay well away from the childbirth simulation booth though. Nothing quite kills romance like standing five feet tall in a make-shift womb listening to the tortured screams of some woman you don’t know supposedly trying to give birth to you.

Art Exhibition

This is your chance to treat your lady to your cultured side. If she’s artistic, she’ll love that you’ve catered to her interests. And if you aren’t, just make it up. Try to incorporate phrases such as; “Oh my, I love (insert artists name here)’s use of lines”.

“The juxtaposition of chaos and order creates the sort of visual chemistry rarely achieved by contemporary artists”.

Try to avoid loud outbursts of “BO-RING”, or photo-bombing other gallery-goers pictures with faces that would have Jim Carrey applauding from the side-lines.


Probably not best if you’re on the wagon, but if you have a young, healthy liver then have a great day out by taste-testing some high quality brews with your lady love.

Show your caring side by holding back her hair when she throws up on your shoes, and turning her into Harry Potter with a marker pen when she passes out later on your couch.

Do you have any inventive ideas that’ll make for a memorable first date? Get involved! Share them in the comments below.

Susannah Perez is an old romantic with a passion for beautiful lingerie and a good love story. Her Friday nights consist of painting her toenails and watching old movies in her trademark French knickers and forties film star night gown.

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