Keeping Valuables Secure: A Guide to Security Safes

When it comes to protecting cash or items of value within a home or business environment, a security safe can be the perfect option. There are thousands of safes to choose from, each with different design specifications. Safes are manufactured with different doors, locking mechanisms and materials, depending on what they are required to protect. Each safe is usually tested by an independent body and given a cash rating, which is indicative of how much cash they are ideal for protecting. From floorboard lockboxes to massive security vaults, there is a safe to suit all requirements. Here is a guide to security safes and their specifications.

Mini Vaults

Mini vault safes are the ideal solution for storing small amounts of cash or valuable documents within the home or business premises. Due to the small form factor of such safes, they are suitable for when there is limited space and greater flexibility is required. Mini vaults can have either electronic or key locking mechanisms, depending on the level of security required. Some specialist mini vaults also have features such as fire resistance and concealed hinges. Such safes can be discreetly concealed within furniture or other small spaces, providing that extra level of security from thieves. Mini vaults can have a cash rating of anywhere up to £4000.

Mini vaults are great for storing valuables

Euro Grade Safes

For storing larger quantities of documents or items of value, Euro Grade safes offer greater protection in both commercial locations and at home. Euro Grade safes come in various levels (from 0 to 5), which correspond to the usual cash ratings. There are many great features to choose from with such safes, from the type of locking mechanism, to their compartments and fire resistance, making them ideal for storing higher value items. For scenarios where maximum security is required, Euro Grade 5 models are suitable for protecting up to £100,000 in cash. With models boasting volumes of over 700 litres, there will be more than enough room for documents and valuables alike. Many Euro Grade safes also have built-in alarm connections, providing a greater deterrent to thieves. Security is also improved with the option to have a timed lock or combination style mechanism.

There are various lock mechanisms to choose from

Under-floor Safes and Boxes

When hidden security is required in a domestic environment, under-floor security safes can be the perfect solution. By having a safe hidden out of sight, homeowners can protect their valuables without having an unsightly vault in their back room. Available in various sizes, anything from spare keys to cash and family heirlooms can be securely stored. For added security, some models are also resistant to both drilling and thermal attacks. For the ultimate in covert household security, under-floor safes are the ultimate solution.


Whether it’s a prized collection or some emergency cash, security safes are the ideal solution for protecting valuables. With the ability to choose from a huge variety of designs and specifications, there is a security safe to suit every situation. From mini vaults to hidden lockboxes, security safes give peace of mind when trying to protect items of value.

By Bradley Houston


Image credits: Alin S and squacco

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