Most Successful Celebrity Chefs of 2012

Food television is conquering the world. If you’ve seen any food program at least once, consider yourself addicted simply because these programs are hypnotizing and highly addictive. Celebrity chefs are bright and talented; they own restaurants, food chains or have a personal TV show. At the end of the year it is now time to check which food celebrity was the most successful in 2012.

5. Giada de Laurentiis

The past year was extremely successful for Giada as she appeared on various talk shows and food programs, cooked food for different prestigious parties and signed a contract for a new cooking show. The food she makes is light, delicious, easy and nutritious. Rest assured if you cook like Giada you would not develop diabetes or gain extra weight. Thumbs up for Giada!

4. David Chang

This American-Korean chef opened several restaurants over the past years and created his own empire ‘Momofuku’ in New York, Sydney and Toronto. This year he also received a Global Gastronomy Award and continued working on his Lucky Peach food magazine that turned into a bestseller in America. He starred in Anthony Bourdain’s show The Mind of a Chef and became popular after it.

Next year David should keep an eye on his various restaurants across the globe in order to maintain the same high-quality food everywhere.

3. Nigella Lawson

Not only this British chef is one of the hottest on food television, but also she is one of the most successful ones. Almost every year Nigella signs a contract for a new food show followed by a new cook book with incredible new recipes. Her shows are always a success and her books become bestsellers instantly. Her 2012 food show Nigellissima is about modern variations on Italian cuisine. She has already published 10 books in total and is not going to stop next year.

2. Daniel Humm

A star of Daniel Humm is shining brighter this year. In 2012 he opened a second restaurant NoMad in New York City. He also got a prestigious James Beard Award for being an outstanding chef. Both the New York Times and the New Yorker praised him in their reviews this year.

His first restaurant Eleven Madison Park in New York got three Michelin stars and was ranked #10 in the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2012.

1. Jamie Oliver

He is by far one of the winners of the year.

This year Jamie Oliver gained even wider world’s popularity and appreciation. His fierce battle against the fast-food nature of school canteens deserves a prize. His health and organic cooking is simple, yet delicious. No wonder why his books fly off the shelves around the world. He is a proud owner of restaurants in Dubai, Russia, Singapore, Australia, UK and Ireland.

In 2012 he started publishing a new magazine and successfully advocated against ‘pink slime’ products putting them out of business. ‘Pink slime’ is often used in school canteens in the US as an additive to beef products. Jamie highlighted the issue of unhealthy food and forced its producer Beef Products Inc. (BPI) to suspend the production.

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