Music Monday: Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence

Here is a very interesting song with a very interesting few facts about the music video (lovely, makes  a change from me typing ‘I know nothing about this except that I like it’.)

This song was Depeche Mode’s twenty fourth UK single, recorded in 1989. It has been recorded by more artists than I care to mention, and is considered one of their best records and their ‘signature’ sound. I agree. It’s my favourite.

The music video is based loosely around the children’s book ‘The Little Prince’. The idea was pitched to the band as ‘Dave walking around in a crown with a deck chair’, and unsurprisingly the band rejected the idea. Once it was explained to them that the King was a man who had everything, except a quiet little place to sit. He was literally a King with no Kingdom, the band decided they liked for it and went with it. The shots of the rose are the same one as featured on the album cover.

The video uses a slightly different remixed version of the song, which has never been released in audio format.

A further video was shot in 1990 featuring the band lip-synching to the song on the top of the World Trade Centre. I am also very sorry to say that whiny weird purveyors of aural horror Coldplay’s video for ‘Viva La Vida’ (whatever that is, sounds like a feminine hygiene product) is an homage to this video. Just ignore that and focus on what a good video this is.

From the album: Violator

Released: 19 March 1990

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