Music Monday: Suede – Barriers (new single)

The beautiful ones are back!

Here are the boys from Suede with a pre-release from their album, which has an as yet unconfirmed release date of Spring 2013. This sixth album will be called “Bloodsports”, and will be the bands first release since 2002’s “A New Morning”. (this information is taken from Wikipedia, not the bands website, and cannot be confirmed as correct.)

I personally love this song. I recognise it must be hard for an artist who wishes to grow and develop their sound. If you take a new direction, you run the risk of completely alienating your old fanbase. If you change nothing, you run the risk of the music press labelling you as a one trick pony. I think Suede have it just right here- it sounds like Suede, it is their signature sound, but a little more grown up and delicate. I was rather hoping for a Butler solo, as is the style, but I love it just as it is. I really think it is fabulous, and I jumped straight on my computer and ordered myself a ticket for their next live tour. Hurrah!

From the album: Bloodsports (unconfirmed)

Released: Spring 2013 (unconfirmed)


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