My Five Favourite Stand-Up Comedians

1. Bill Bailey

I mean, it just had to be, didn’t it? I’ve seen Bill live when he performed his “Tinselworm” tour at Wembley arena and he was sensational. To hold a crowd that large in screaming fits of laughter for so long is amazing. He is so charming, so funny and so clever. Quite disarmingly intelligent actually and obviously very well versed in philosophy, history and biology. How he can manage to weave this into his comedy without making the audience feel patronised or overwhelmed- it is talent beyond measure. His musical skills are incredible, and he obviously has a humongous knowledge and appreciation for music. Bill has many DVD’s available, and I suggest you buy them all. He’s amazing.

Sample joke:People say ‘Are you an optimist, Bill? I say ‘I hope so’ Aha!”

2. Ross Noble

I’ve seen Ross live more times than I care to mention- the simple fact being you are guaranteed each and every single time to get a brilliant show. The first time I saw Ross was on “Live at the Apollo”- I’m ashamed to say I had not heard of him before this point. His humour is completely random, as he says, but he does have a point to his stories and will often led you completely down the garden path before he gets to his point. It really doesn’t matter though- he is inherently funny and (although perhaps I only say this because I have seen him live so many times) his involvement of the audience is brilliant. He doesn’t get heckled, that I have seen, but he brings the audience into his show and never forgets to thank everyone one of them at the end. A naturally funny man, he is a total delight. Ross lives in Australia 6 months of the year, but spends the other 6 months (more or less) touring the UK. Please go and see him- he’s worth every penny.

Sample joke: “Maybe a Breville monkey? You know, a monkey with two sandwich toasters for legs? Breville Monkey! Sandwich!”

3. Dylan Moran 

The original cynic. I love Dylan so much. His comedy shows are dry, dark, cynical and world weary- but he is so watchable and charming. He was amazing in Black Books as Bernard Black, and really his stand up persona is the same. His life seems to lurch from one disaster to the other, soaked in wine and nicotine. He is darkly intelligent, and it is quite funny that once you get home you realise that his sharp observational humour is not only rib achingly funny but also true. He did make me wonder what kind of monster I was turning myself into. If I ever say the world “wheat intolerant”, I will know I no longer serve a purpose on this earth.

Sample joke: “And her t-shirt said “Mongoloid Porn Inferno” and all I could think was “That sounds like such a busy evening”.

4. Richard Pryor

If you don’t like Richard Pryor, go and get your bumps felt because you’re wired up wrong. It is a true testament to the person when you can turn what is in reality a sad and difficult life into something so amusing. He was a naturally funny man and many a very famous and popular comedian such as Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock and many more name Richard as an influence and to Eddie, a mentor. I find his comedy absolutely hilarious, and his ability to turn pretty much any situation into something funny is incredible. He is a legend of comedy and very sadly missed.

Sample jokes: “I shot my car. My wife was going to leave me and I was like, ‘Not in this m********** you ain’t. You’re gonna be driving them Hush Puppies you got on.”

5. Greg Davies

I love Greg Davies. He looks like a giant Rik Mayall. How could you not love him? His comedy is hilarious, sweet and funny and then suddenly, very threatening and quite violent all at once. He isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself over and over again, pointing out his shortcomings and failures. A lot of his comedy revolves around his Dad, who by all accounts sounds like the funniest man to have ever lived. He was amazing as Mr Gilbert in The Inbetweeners and retains some of this stern teacher style in his comedy, whilst at the same time being manic and adorable. He is well worth a watch- he is on the TV quite often, and his stand-up is available on You Tube. Watch and enjoy!

Sample joke:He took a sheet from my Mothers sheet drawer. For she has one. Labelled ‘Sheets’. In order to give me, his 42 year old son ‘A bit of a fright”.

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