“I’ll do whatever it takes. So long as I get to write when I can, it doesn’t matter what I’m doing.”


“You don’t really want to be a teacher, you know. You’ll hate it after 10 years.”


“That never stopped any other writer.”


“I hate to see any of my friends hurting. I’ve been there, I know what it’s like.”

“So what do I do?”

“You need to leave that place. You’re drowning there.”


“Is it selfish that I want to go back there every summer?”

“Not selfish, but probably stupid. Do you really think that’s the only place you’re happy?”

“I’m happy there because it’s what I need to write.”

“What is that even supposed to mean?”


“I can tell there’s something you’re not telling me. Why?”

“I’m trying to figure out how. When I’m ready, I will.”


“There’s something else I have to tell you. First, you just got to know, though, I wanted to tell you that morning. The
last time you came to visit me, but I doubt you’re going to believe me. I was really going to but, you know, that stuff happened.”


“Why didn’t you tell me at the beginning?”

“I was afraid you wouldn’t sleep with me if I did.”


“So really, who did the worse thing here?”

“I’m not sure.”


“No shit, Kim.”


“What’s going on with you? People are saying you look delirious here lately.”


“You’re changing people, Kim. With everyone you talk to, you’re changing them. It’s beautiful and I’m so, so happy for you.”


“You’re like the observer of our group. Always have been. You take in everything that’s always happened, and keep it locked away somewhere. What are you going to do with it all?


“It was something you said about her in our old kitchen once. When we were 21. I knew since then.”


“Is there something you want to tell me? It’s okay, you know.”


“I think it’s an epidemic. That it’s like a fad nowadays. I need to keep my kids away from that sort of thing.”


“I’m so devastated.”

“You’re not the only one. You could have it a lot worse, honestly.”


“I think it’d be a perfect fit for you.”

“All I know is that I can never be happy if I’m not doing something that helps someone, in some way.”


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About the author: Kimberly Engel

Hailing from America, Kimberly is a recent graduate of Fordham University, who has lived in New York her entire life. She spends most of her time in confliction because of her obsession with technology, especially Netflix, but also her desire to prevent Orwell's 1984 from coming true in this lifetime and the next. You can follow her on twitter @kengel

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