Song Pop and why I should check the updates

song pop

Now at DW Towers we love I love Song Pop and I’ve mentioned it before and since then the app has become more addictive, there are more playlists and the scoring system although a little weird as you can still get 4 right out of the 5 and not win, as the system scores bonuses for getting 3 right together.

But then when I logged in last week…

I now have three challenges sat at the top that Song Pop has chosen for me and one of these is based on my location. A quick scroll through the settings and I switched my location off. I hate that I didn’t check what the new update was and that’s my fault but it’s sorted now. Well sort of.

Three challenges still sit at the top with the rest of my challenges underneath. The ones underneath are my ongoing challenges but if I want more I can request them, I really don’t like this new feature and especially as it makes my OCD go MAD! Of course if you want to connect with other people in your town/city then you can obviously keep this option enabled. I just don’t like it. The other challenges seem to come from who Song Pop’s algorithm seems to think you would like to play against which I may use in time but I have about 10-15 games on the go and anything more might be a bit too much…

Also iPhone 5 users are reporting that adverts are stopping them from progressing during the games, nothing to report on the iPad. It’s not had any problems like that. Hopefully the developers will see the reviews on the iTunes page and do another update.

I will remember to read all updates in future. My own silly fault. Bit like terms and conditions… do you read them?

I do*

*total lie

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