Tuesday’s Tech Take: Will Anything Rival the iPad?

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve looked back and noticed something: Microsoft’s Surface has been very quiet lately.

Not quiet, as in it’s time for it to release a newer, updated version of itself, but quiet as in I haven’t heard much of anything about it since its launch in the fall. And considering that the world just finished its holiday shopping craze, this is problematic. It’s problematic for the market, in my opinion, if our only choice is to let Apple dominate the consumer tablet demand, as well as the majority of the smartphones and desktops/laptops niches.

Because let’s face it: a market where there is only one king can potentially be a bad thing. It can lead to things like Big Brother and other scary concepts I sometimes spend too much time thinking about. All of which I really don’t like– and are a reason why the only Apple products I buy are iPods and iTunes giftcards.

Maybe a I’m a pessimist when it comes to Apple, but if I’m going to really like anything about an open market, it’s this: that it’s open, and there’s a really a chance for any brand.

Unfortunately, however, as the Surface is proving that it’s just not cutting it against the iPad, what are we to do? Only be thankful that at least the Android OS is a decent competitor against Apple’s iOS, and that the Kindle Fire is a great alternative to the iPad because it targets eReaders best?

I’m not so sure.

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Hailing from America, Kimberly is a recent graduate of Fordham University, who has lived in New York her entire life. She spends most of her time in confliction because of her obsession with technology, especially Netflix, but also her desire to prevent Orwell's 1984 from coming true in this lifetime and the next. You can follow her on twitter @kengel

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