We all love our gadgets – but what does it cost to run them?

We all love our gadgets, some may say they “wouldn’t survive without them” but how much are these electrical appliances actually costing us yearly? Most people think that they’re fridge or fridge freezer will cost them the most money yearly, although, the cost to run them is high, the biggest culprit is the beloved Plasma TV costing the owner roughly £95 a year! Time to change to the traditional CTR TV I think, you could be saving £78 yearly, think of what you could by with that extra £78 in your wallet. Here are some figures to shock you into using energy saving appliances:

  • House Alarm – £10
  • DVD Recorder – £14
  • Fax/Printer – £23
  • Pond Pump – £32
  • Oven (without Hob) – £42
  • Lighting – £69.20
  • Dehumidifier – £76

The appliances listed above are shown along with the amount of money being spent on them yearly.

The appliances below are showing the cheaper gadgets:

  • Food Mixer – £0.07
  • Extractor Hood – £1.70
  • Vacuum Cleaner – £2.60
  • Toaster – £3.18
  • CD Player – £5
  • Door Bell – £6

Even though these gadgets are cheap there’s still more you can do to take the edge off that yearly bill without having to get rid of some of those precious gadgets. Be energy efficient!!

gadgets infographic


With thanks to Juice Electrical Supplies for the use of this infographic

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