What is this new video sharing app Vine all about?

video sharing app Vine

Last Thursday Twitter debuted the new video sharing app Vine. The app lets users share a six second clip which will play on loop. The video starts playing as soon as you view it so there is little for viewers to do. The app itself is easy to use too, hold your finger down to capture video, lift it up to pause recording, and keep pausing and lifting until you hit six seconds of footage. Then just upload and share.

It’s yet to be seen whether this will be a great move by Twitter. Within a week I have noticed quite a few on my twitter timeline sign up to Vine and start posting their videos through it. There is also Vinepeek which plays newly posted Vine videos in realtime.

There have already been some videos of a pornographic nature uploaded and one video made its way to the Vine homepage before it was removed. Twitter have re-iterated that users can report videos for explicit content etc As we have all seen through Twitter itself that porn on there is massive. I can barely go a week without getting a porn bot with an explicit picture, some have been active for years and are still on the site.

As for Vine, I can understand it’s sudden popularity. It will be interesting to see where the app goes next.

You can download the app via the appstore here. Updates seem to be coming through quickly so any glitches you spot just report them.

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