What NOT to do in a Zombie Apocalypse! (INFOGRAPHIC)

With the impending zombie apocalypse just around the corner, are you ready to face the relentless onslaught of a mass zombie invasion? Will you be heading for the hills, or shooting poor old grandma zombie in the head with a shotgun? The choice is yours, but perhaps you should think twice before you take any advice you have garnered from watching zombie movies.

Are you sure you want to pick that shotgun up? How about a machete? Things could get messy – remember, if there’s a hoard of zombies, you’ll start to flag before any zombie will.

Provided by Smiffy’s, here’s an Infographic that shows you not what to do, but what NOT to do. Yes, your survival may actually depend on what you are not doing, rather than taking action and going on a zombie killing spree.

Important: Smiffy’s AU are experts in party fashion and dress-up – they do not proclaim to be zombie killing experts, but we do love to design and dress as sexy or gory zombies!

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What NOT to do in a Zombie Apocalypse!

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