Why Body Shapewear Is More Than An Accessory

Body shapewear is a miracle suit that slims your body instantly. Shapewear is a foundation garment designed perfectly to hug and hold your body tightly to enable you to flaunt a fabulous flattering figure instantly. This temporarily alters a person’s figure by reducing visible bulges to achieve a fashionable figure. By providing the comfortable support in the right places you can now display contoured and sculpted curves. Shapewear provides the ultimate secrets to looking great by enhancing your voluptuous curves and boosting your confidence level too.

What material is used in shapewear?

This revolutionary body shaper is manufactured by implementing the very soft breathable fabric. It is almost invisible when worn under your regular clothes. It is made with a special type of hosiery woven with support panels to hide bumps and bulges effectively. Some even implement the stretchable, slightly shiny satin material which helps to maintain a slimmer silhouette. Some bodyshapers also incorporate the light hosiery fabric made of cotton or nylon mixed with Lycra. The nylon-elastane mix is even lighter, finer, more breathable and more discreet. The specialty of this fibre is the ability to revert to its normal shape after being stretched and used.

Why do women need shapewears?

Some women have embarrassingly large busts which can be perfectly rectified by shapewear which supports the upper part of the body, namely the camisole. Whereas some women have a narrow waistline but their thighs look big making it difficult to wear skirts, especially pencil skirts. They need the tights like shapers to tone and shape up their thighs. Shapewear is also an essential accessory for women who wish to shape up their torso. They can opt to wear the button-down shirts to enable their mid-section look slimmer and sexier. Women who want to hide the extra layer of fat around their midriff can prefer the waist shaping shapewear and flaunt their sensuously pleasing curves.

The types of body shapewear:

1. Vest and camisoles: They are basically upper body toning garments. It shapes your tummy to make it look flat and firm. They also provide a lift for your breasts supporting it in a comfortable, natural and discreet manner. It is wise to opt for the ones made in cotton as it absorbs the sweat and makes you feel comfortable the whole day long. They are available in a wide range of neck patterns and shoulder cuts.
2. The stretched tight pants: They are basically worn from the waist till the lower thighs. It slims your torso, hips, thighs and butt. They also hide the embarrassing panty lines. If you want your waistline to look thin and sexy, then these tight pants are the perfect choices. It renders your thighs, butt and tummy and gives you a smooth and sexy finish.
3. Panty girdles: This is the perfect shapewear if you want to tuck in the flabby portion from your waist and down. It works great even for fitting and figure hugging dresses.
4. Full body shapers: It targets your entire body thereby reduces, shapes and tones all around. They are otherwise known as the one piece shapers.

Body shapewear is in fact a boon for women who have been struggling to get rid of the ugly flaws and bulges in their body. Wear a shapewear and enjoy a more trimmed and toned figure in minutes. Yes, it’s time to look good and feel good.

Author Bio: Blogger who researchers and talks about the benefits of Body shapewear for the company Needundies

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