Winter Time in New Look

I don’t know about you but there is something about being given a gift voucher for a store that first makes me think “save it” and then another little voice says “SPEND IT”. I normally try to listen to the first voice but more often that not I listen to the second voice.

Just before Christmas I was sent a £30 New Look voucher to review some of their Winter range. How exciting!

I waited for the Christmas crowds to ease a bit and shopped early to avoid the busy trade and also to avoid the mess that ensues when stores are in full January sale mode. I can shop when it’s busy but I need caffeine and cake pretty quickly after.

But of course this voucher was very much a “SPEND IT” moment.

And so I did.

new look

I bought a green/grey (I can’t decide if it’s one or the other as it looks different depending on the light) cable knit cardigan with a hood. It’s perfect to grab when the afternoons and evenings get a touch colder. The hood is also perfect to hide in. Does anyone else do that or is it just me? Cardigan was full price at £19.99. Excellent cardigan and I’d have paid much more for the same cardigan in a different shop. There is a great knitwear collection in store

Also I bought a green skull and rose scarf that I have a feeling that my DW colleague Sam is going to want to buy. It’s really lovely and I’ve worn it almost every day as it goes really well with many colours and really brings out the black that I’ve been tending to be wearing again (post Christmas tummy). The scarf was full price at £7.99. Again excellent quality and I like the mix of rose and skull, really makes it individual. Really good value again too. There are loads of different scarves in store, I had a look on the website and there was a very limited range but in store there were at least 20 different fashion scarves.

Lastly I had a look around the jewellery sections. There was so much choice and then I saw the little owl. How cute. Definitely mine. The owl necklace was £3.50. The necklace is again really good quality and I have worn it a lot and also most importantly with new things, people have commented on how lovely it is. There is a great jewellery collection at very affordable prices too.

There are so many gorgeous jumpers in New Look for the winter and it’s always worth having a look in there. Don’t forget the scarves too, I’m going to be buying a few more of those to dress up outfits. Perfect.

Now, how do I hide the rest of the shopping I did? Oops. 😉

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