Can MySpace Rise from the Ashes?

By Fignola Alexandrea of Fueled, an iPhone application development agency in New York City.

Remember the good old days, when all your friends were on Myspace? Oh, the self expression. Endless hours spent crafting the perfect profile, with the perfect song, the perfect way to describe yourself. For a while now, it seemed like Myspace had fallen to the wayside, as its other contemporaries like Facebook have flourished. Just when it felt like it was out of the game, the social media network is back, with a more creative and music centric aim. But the question remains, can Myspace rise from the ashes?

Perhaps, it’s a little too much for the new site. It has been said that the new Myspace is like a twitter for music lovers, keeping you updated and allowing you to share music with your friends. With its sleek design, the new Myspace allows for a streamline view of content without being constantly bombarded by paid advertising. Sleek, yes. But –– is it profitable? and will it just be too much?

While many are wary of the new Myspace being too music-focused and leaving out a particular group of people, let’s not forget that before you “Liked” a fanpage on Facebook or follow your favorite artist on Twitter, Myspace made your favorite bands accessible right at the click of mouse. Music was and should remain the core of the website. Music is general, in that everyone has a favorite artist or band, and Myspace having the biggest music database – 50 million – will be at an advantage. Myspace is also not trying to compete with Facebook or Twitter, as it has made it possible for users to log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Which will work to its benefit.

So far, the launch of the site has not been without issues. The social network was accused by indie labels of uploading songs from artists, such as Mumford & Sons and Cat Power illegally. Also, while the sweet slick new design is cool and all, the company relaunched without having a new app. In a landscape driven by mobile technology, it may have been unwise, as Myspace may have left it out of the market to users who constantly rely on their mobile devices.

We believe the main obstacle that Myspace has standing in its way is credibility, which it has lost after being surpassed by Facebook. With Justin Timberlake being the face of the new Myspace, it seems to be bouncing back. All the critics aside, no site is ever completely perfect, but if Myspace plays its cards right in targeting the musically-inclined and creative types, it might be able to carve a niche for itself. There’s never an end to influx of musicians and people who want to access their songs.

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