Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Bouquet

As your wedding approaches, you’ve probably looked at countless bouquets trying to decide on which one would complement your dress, colors, and style the best. If you still haven’t found the one that makes you happy, consider the following tips to help you decide.

Which Flower Is Your Favorite

A bouquet starts with just one flower. Look through a glossary of flowers to choose the one that you love the most. Most florists will have many books with images of flowers. Simply tell her the size of flower you’re imagining for your bouquet, and then let her hand you the books in which you can find the one you like the best.

Decide on Colors

When you close your eyes and imagine the bouquet you want, what colors are in it? Knowing the colors will help you get the arrangement together. Don’t worry if our pick for your favorite flower doesn’t come in the color that you want because many times florists can dye them.

Type of Arrangement

Some brides enjoy having a bunch of flowers with a simple small handle underneath them. Other brides want long stemmed flowers, so they can drape it across their arms. Some will have both in which they have a bunch of flowers, but with long stems attached to them.

Ribbon or No Ribbon

You can have ribbon tied around the stems of the bouquet. You could even have it interwoven in the flowers. Some brides have the ribbon tied in a huge bow. Having no ribbon is also possible. It all depends on what you want to do. If you do want a ribbon, choose one that brings out the color least visible.

Greenery or Just Floral

You have two options when it comes to a bouquet, greenery or just floral. If you choose greenery, you can have it balanced with the flowers, or you can have more greenery than flowers. If you want just floral, you’ll only have the flowers without the greenery that naturally comes with it. It’s a dramatic look that many people love to choose, especially if they haven’t included greenery in their wedding décor.

Small or Large

If you look through images of bouquets, you’ll notice that some will be small, and others will be quite large. If you like the dainty look of flowers, choose the smaller bouquet. If you want a more pronounced look that no one will miss, choose the large bouquet.

Trust Your Florist

Your florist will likely bring out many different bouquets for you to browse. Ask her what she believes would match your wedding décor. Have pictures available of your theme and dress. That way she can leaf through images to show you what she has in mind for your bouquet. The final decision is yours, of course. So, don’t be afraid to decline her suggestions. Just consider them, and then decide on what you find to be the perfect one for your special day.

Marcelina Hardy wrote this guest post. She had trouble choosing her bouquet, but ended up choosing roses from Denver at florist AmoriFiori. They are an online flower delivery company and she was able to order the specific flowers she wanted, and she was thrilled with the bouquet the florist created. 

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