Easy Living? Yes please!

Easy Living magazineFinding time to sit down and read a magazine can be quite hard to find these days and I do tend to pick up ones that I’m more familiar with. You know the best parts and it feels like home, I currently have a stack by my bed that I will eventually read! I was sent the March edition of Easy Living magazine, I’ve seen it on the shelves but never had a read. First of all I love the cover, mainly because I absolutely love Drew Barrymore so that was an ultimate win for me from the start.

The magazine has a good mix of stories from “I was the other woman” to “How revenge got sweet”. The articles are punchy to the point and great to sit and read with a cuppa. There is also a good mix of fashion and beauty, they do tend to be more high end prices but the “100 under £100 beauty buys” had a good mix of high end and high street pricing. There were health articles and one article that caught my eye mainly as I wasn’t expecting it, was an article on “sexy props” for livening up the bedroom. I simply wasn’t expecting it in a magazine like this.

The food recipes are great and I will be trying some of those out and also the food pictures looked fantastic. I know food photography has come on loads since years ago but if you can get me wanting to try something from just a picture, you’re onto a winner! There were also advice tips on decorating your home and also some holiday inspiration for those wanting to get away for a while. 

There is also a fantastic interview with the cover star Drew, did I mention I love her? Well she’s lovely and the interview was superb and I felt like I was in the room with her as I read long. I also don’t really pay much attention to my horoscopes but I thought I’d give that a look and look what mine says (right picture).

Horoscopes Easy Living

Easy Living Magazine is £2.50 a month, in the handbag size (however did we cope lugging around the larger ones in our bags?) and I was sent this copy from letssubscribe.com who have some great offers ready for Mother’s Day. Don’t forget!

I would definitely buy this magazine based on this edition, I just need to organise some magazine reading time into my week 😉 But Easy Living magazine has a bit of something for everyone and it’s not just a one time read magazine, there is plenty to keep coming back to in here and that’s what I love about a really good magazine.

The food recipes are great for cutting out and keeping too. I might also hint to a few people about some of the beauty buys for my birthday!

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