Food Storage with Kids in Mind

As you learn the art of food storage, you will likely forget some of the little things that can end up being big things when it comes to a real food emergency. You are probably not thinking of things like baking soda or salt when you are planning on how to feed your family in the event of some emergency or catastrophe. While you are doing your food storage planning, you may also overlook some of the most important family members’ needs–the kids. While picking foods to store away, you will need to keep in mind the needs of everybody in your household.

When you think about food storage, you are probably thinking of the foods that will help sustain you and your family. This is a key part to a survival food store, but you also want to remember that maintaining a semblance of normalcy can go a long way in keeping your kids feeling safe. That means storing foods they like and you can use to make a “normal” meal. Of course, your emergency food can also help out in an emergency when you realize you have no ketchup for the hot dogs that are sitting on your table right now! That is a real emergency!

In this day and age, McDonald’s has become a staple in some families. If there is ever an emergency, guess what? Mickey D’s is gone and it will be up to mom and dad to provide their kids with dinner, without running to the local fast food joint. Here is a list of some things you can start packing away to help ease the strain of being in a survival situation.

Powdered milk and flavoring like Nesquik or Ovaltine to make it more palatable. Warm milk isn’t always so tasty and you probably won’t have electricity to keep your milk cold.

Granola bars, plain granola, nuts and raisins

Candy, gum and chocolate

Juice boxes

Kool Aid (don’t forget the sugar)

Individual serving containers of applesauce and other favorite fruits



Fruit leather or fruit roll-ups (you can easily make these yourself)

Macaroni and cheese in the quick serve, heat and eat containers

Comfort foods are nothing new and are not exclusive to adults. Our kids all have their own favorite food they like that just magically makes them feel better. This is vital in a situation that could be very stressful. Are your kids big corndog eaters? If so, you can easily make your own with just a few ingredients that you will probably have in your storage.

Grab some cornmeal, egg, sugar and oil. You may be able to find a pre-made mix that only requires a bit of water to create a cornbread batter.

Popsicle sticks

Vienna sausages

Ketchup and mustard

Oil for frying your corndogs

There you go! The kids can even help put the dogs on the stick and roll them around in the batter. Within minutes, your kids will be dining on one of the great delicacies of childhood. It isn’t only corndogs you can make. Pizza is another option. You can use crust mix already prepared or keep the ingredients to make your own from scratch. Be sure to store your kids’ favorite toppings. Don’t forget the all important cheese. There are a couple of options you can choose from to add to your pizza. Shelf-stable or freeze-dried options are available. However, the latter is probably your best bet, taste wise. You will be amazed at what you can make in your own kitchen when you need to.

Rachel Ballard believes in preparedness. She is a food prep specialist and  is a contributing food prep specialist to Dan’s Depot.

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