High Tech Fashion For A High Tech World

Clothes were once considered to be a matter of form. Dressing for certain occasions to portray a certain attitude and approach to life. With technology getting smaller and smaller clothing companies have been able to incorporate it into the fabrics of the apparel they design. The products available to the consumer run the gamut of various needs and wants that can possibly be thought of by the designers and the buyers.

Clothing With Chargers

What has really become popular is the kind of clothing that can charge your devices. With gadgets becoming more and more integral to people’s everyday lives, everyone is looking for ways to keep them charged and running smoothly. This used to involve carrying extra wires that invariably get jumbled and knotted in a pocket and can get damaged. There are fabrics out there now, that are made of photovoltaic cells that are recharged through direct sunlight. Or there is a new kind of felt that researchers have developed to use the body’s natural heat to convert to energy that will charge a phone just by contact. UK-based company Orange has developed a t-shirt that takes noise from the environs and converts that to energy to charge gadgets. And in Africa, steps are being taken to convert the pressure from shoes into a running current.

Also additions now to the pockets of people everywhere are mp3 players. Small and portable, these little guys are perfect for commuting over public transport, working in an office, or exercising along a beach or in a gym. Of course, with more electronics bring more needs of having to charge it. But do not worry, apparel, and accessories, companies are busy designing new clothes to keep them readily accessible without the tangle of wires.

Jansport has created backpacks that can plug in your iPod in a protected pocket while you can plug your headset into another port that’s more accessible to your face and ears. Even more convenient for portable music is the Oakley Thump sunglasses. These headphones do not transmit music – no, that is too much for eyewear. What these sunglasses do is actually store music in a mini, self-contained, hard drive that can play up to six hours without needing to be charged again.

Improvements For Your Safety

But what about the human touch? All the aforementioned technology is for little gadgets but what if you are just looking for a hug. Well, CuteCircuit thought of that and designed the Hug Shirt. It is triggered by Bluetooth and gives the wearer all the sensations of being hugged – warmth, pressure, and an extra heartbeat. This can be triggered remotely near or far.

Clothes are also being engineered to provide more safety for the wearer. When riding a bike or running, clothes are being equipped with lights to keep them visible at night. A scarf is also on the market from a Scandinavian company that can turn into an airbag in .01 seconds. For those living active lifestyles around the city these accessories are cool and lifesaving.

These items prove that fashion does not have to be the end goal when it comes to purchasing clothes. Designers have come up with several new ways to integrate convenience for the consumer adding extra incentive to buy a new coat, or shirt, or accessories.

This is a Guest Post by Nate Miller who is an experienced writer on tech, business and gadgets. As a tech enthusiast he loves to express his geekiness with custom made T-shirts he orders from At Cost Apparel. This kind of swag makes you look cool and geeky even without any built-in devices.

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