How to Make Your Own Chicken Stock

Now we often take for granted the chicken stock we buy at the grocery store. However aside from the low cost of about 99 cents per can, you also have to wonder at what they actually put into commercially prepared chicken stock. Considering the preservatives and chemicals they put into processed food, you also should worry about what they feed the chickens specifically bred for food at commercial farms.

One thing that personally freaks me out is when the label. reads, “No MSG added.” Sounds good, right? Well maybe I am suspicious, but something I think that there was too much MSG slipped into the stuff before they put the label that none of this dastardly substance was “added”. Yes, I read labels, no, I don’t always trust what I do read!

So you can save money, your health and possibly your mental sanity as well, by making your own chicken stock at home. This allows you to control the ingredients and ensure that you get the type of chicken stock you want. So in this article we’ll show you how. Don’t worry. Making chicken stock is definitely not rocket science. So let’s proceed to our recipe…

How to Make Your Own Chicken Stock


Various chicken parts This would be a good time to use parts likes the back, wings, neck and giblets.(4 lbs)

Water (8 cups)

Salt (one tablespoon)

Black pepper (one teaspoon)

2-3 celery ribs

2 carrots

1 onion cut in half

Any herbs or additional vegetables you’d want to include to give extra flavor

How to Make Your Own Chicken Stock


1. Put 8 cups of water into a large pot that can hold all of your chicken, vegetables, and herbs.
2. While heating the water, you can add your chicken and let the pot come to a boil. Add 1 tablespoon or less (depends on your preference) of salt and 1 teaspoon of pepper if you prefer.
3. Boil this for about twenty minutes, while skimming the “foam” or impurities out of the broth with a spoon.
4. Add the vegetables and any herbs or spices (definitely washed, no need to peel except for the onions) you would like included.
5. Simmer on medium to low for about two hours. Skim off any impurities or foam you see on the top layer.
6. Turn off the heat after two hours and allow it to slightly cool. Strain the broth using a cheese cloth or a sieve into a bowl.Press on all of the solids to squeeze out the juice.
7. Allow the broth to cool further. Then place it in the refrigerator for a few hours. This will make the fat rise to the top where you can skim it off if you so desire.
8. Now we’re done! You can keep the broth in a freezer or can it yourself. This recipe works well with making beef stock or vegetable stock also.

How to Make Your Own Chicken Stock

Rachel Ballard is an expert on food preparation especially food as part of your survival items. When she is not doing something food related, she is a regular contributor to Dan’s

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