It’s time for a health MOT

health mot

Last week my iPhone alerted me to a reminder saying “Book MOT”. I dismissed the notification as the family cars have their MOT’s in November.

It took me a few seconds to remember, Health MOT. The MOT on me! I promised my wife that starting from last January I would go at least yearly to the doctors for a check up. In my experience, men don’t go to the doctors much – we are more likely to go to the hospital when we are in serious pain but a little pain? No. We would rather moan at home and beg for sympathy. Man Flu is no reason to go to the doctors but it is a reason to lay on the sofa for days. I of course would never do this, actually no, I would never get away with doing it.

Women are much more likely to go the doctors and that I say again with my experience of the women in my life. Women are more likely to talk to their doctors about other issues whereas if a man goes to the doctors he will just go for why he booked the appointment. If I have a bad cough that would not shift I would not mention the pain in my right calf for example. I know, men are an annoying species at times. I say that from experience of trying to get my Grandad to go and see a doctor.

So to stop my wife from nagging at me about my health I said I would go for a yearly check up. I have had no need to go to the doctors in the past year which I am incredibly grateful for. That is not to say that my body might not be in the best shape. Having a 14 month old child has tested my already erratic sleep patterns and my stomach bulge is back a bit. Trips to the gym seem to be few and far between and my older son who used to enjoy going bike riding with his Dad, is now more interested in going cycling with his friends. At least he is keeping fit.

I could eat better and I should eat better. My wife and I are not big on New Years Resolutions but we both would like to shift a few pounds but most importantly stay healthy for our children.

My Health MOT was fine, I do need to shift a few pounds and I need to watch my cholesterol levels. It is a simple call to book the appointment and it was all over in fifteen minutes.

Plus my wife can’t nag me any more.

Now I just need to book an eye test, borrowing my wife’s glasses is not going to help my eyesight apparently. Or help my street cred…

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